Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Munchies - Doritos Jacked Test Flavor: 404

Who doesn't like new things?

Actually now that you mention it, I'm pretty cool with things that aren't new.  I'm a fan of used cds and was shopping at thrift shops before Macklemore...and Ryan Lewis (never forget Ryan Lewis) made it statement on society.

But new can be dope too, which brings us to Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 404 (Orange Bag).

I'll admit to going through phases with Doritos.  Sometimes I'll be in a spot where I'm craving them.  There are definitely those times when nothing will hit the spot like some Cool Ranch Doritos.  Or even original recipe, which go great with some cream cheese.

The one issue with Doritos is that they tend be messy.  As a kid there was nothing better than cleaning all that Dorito Dust off your fingers, it was like the snake that kept on giving.  But as an adult I'm no longer down with the mess anymore.  I'm way more interested in multitasking to have to deal with fingers coated with Dorito residue.

I will say this about 404; it doesn't seem to be nearly as coated with flavor as 2653.  Perhaps it's because the flavor isn't as dark, but nonetheless, to the eye it looks like a lighter coating.

Going in blind I had no idea what to expect.    The theme to all of the new flavors is allegedly "Bold."  But 404 isn't so much "bold" as it is great.  Whereas 2653 lingered and had some kick, 404 is just good.

My take on the flavors involved; it's almost stereotypically "Asian."  There's definitely ginger and teriyaki present, which is a plus because I like both of those flavors.  There's also some citrus notes that are hit.  The ginger is most noticeable in the backend, but it doesn't linger nearly as long as 2653 does, nor as harshly.  There's actually an almost sweetness to the flavor, which works really well.

I really don't get this flavor as being "bold" unless you're comparing it to bland flavors normally found on the chip aisle.  It's "bold" in that it's distinct, which is something that Doritos could use in it's line.

So far, 404 is the best of the test flavors.  It's definitely a snack that I could see myself buying regularly until I got completely sick of it.

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