Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Munchies - Doritos Jacked Test Flavor: 855

There's a certain thrill to be found in going in blind.  It's that thrill you get when you go to a movie that you know nothing about.  Or you buy an album from a band you've never heard of.  Or when you move to a city you've never even visited.

I've done all of the above so I can tell you first hand, there's a rush involved.   It's something I've even addressed before, when I wrote about seeing Robyn in concert.  Worst case scenario you're going to have a brand new experience.

So..I recently experienced Doritos' latest Test Flavor, 855 (red label).

Of course the thing about going in blind is that you occasionally get things wrong.

To briefly recap Doritos has released it's brand new Jacked flavors, in sliver bags with different colored labels and only a number to identify them.  I've already tried out 2653 and 404.  Whereas last time around the theme of the Jacked flavors were Late Night.  This time around the flavors theme is Bold.

But back to my error.  Earlier today, when I tackled 2653, I called it "Southwestern."  Having now tasted 855, I can tell you that I was way off base.  2653 is certainly smoky, but if there's a Southwestern flavor in the new batch of Jacked flavors, it's 855.

855 is clearly the Southwestern flavor.  If I were ranking it on the scale of kick, it's firmly between 2653 and 404.  While it does have a kick, it's not the strength of 2653.  There's some backend lingering in the spice department, not enough to harm but enough to remind you that there's some power in this chip.

The actual flavor s are difficult to nail down.  There's certainly a pepper present, but not jalapeño.  I don't think it's chipotle either.  Going with my stomach, which is to say my tongue, I'm saying poblano.  Don't hold me to that, but that's what I'm guessing.

Beyond that, I've really got nothing.  Maybe it's because I've been eating "bold" chips all day, but I can't discern or pinpoint any other distinct flavors.

Which is not to say that 855 is a bad flavor.  It's my second favorite of the new group, after 404.  If you're interested in putting some spice in your life, grab a bag of 855 aka the red label.

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