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Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.17

Literally the only person happy by the end of this episode (
So, at this point in Studio 60’s season it’s been placed on hiatus, moved from Mondays to Thursdays and been cancelled.   And each of those things happened before it actually returned to the air. 

This episode holds a couple distinctions.  First, it’s completely sans Bradley Whitford, Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry.  Secondly it clocks in at just over 37 minutes long, making it about six minutes short of the usual runtime. 

If anyone know why this episode is short, please leave the answer in the comments. 

Today’s episode is “The Disaster Show”
Host & Musical Guest: Allison Janney & Macy Gray

# of references “Crazy Christians”:  None

Sketches Referenced: 

Sketches Shown: Nancy Grace, Valet sketch, Gangster sketch, James Bond sketch

It’s show night at Studio 60.  Allison Janney is hosting and Macy Gray is the musical guest.  It’s also a disaster because not only is the Prop-masters union striking but the cuecard guys are part of the same union.  The strike was supposed to start at midnight, but Danny pissed off the prop guys by calling them replacable, so they started early. 

Danny is trying to apologize to the union rep, Matt is working with everyone trying to figure out a way to the cast their lines.  And Jordan isn’t mentioned at all.  But two of the missing leads get explained away. 

Studio 60 is a prop heavy show, so things begin to go wrong immediately.  Prop money is missing, sound effects and squibs misfire, grain alcohol replaces water in mugs.  Plus no one has cuecards.  Early on Tom explains to Allison that this is a “disaster show” and she just needs to ride it out.  Allison isn’t pleased. 

Despite it being a “disaster show” Simon finds time to have woman problems.  His girlfriend Stephanie breaks up with him after hearing about his reputation.  Thus he’s got no one to take with him to Hawaii with Tom and Lucy.  So he decides to prowl the greenroom looking for a new date. 

There he finds Claire, a woman he went on a date with and lost contact with it.  He tells her about the situation and charms her into coming with him to Hawaii.  Of course Stephanie takes him back and he’s stuck with two dates for Hawaii.  He opts to tell the truth to Claire and receives a slap.  Then Lucy tells Stephanie that Simon asked someone else to Hawaii, not knowing about the reconciliation.  Stephanie slaps Simon. 

Again, it’s a “disaster show” yet Harriet manages to annoy the rest of the cast (Alex, Sam, Jeannie and Dylan for those keeping track) by obsessing about her relationship with Matt.  She gives Jeannie permission to date Matt and then quickly rescinds it. 

Sam, Alex, Jeannie and Dylan are tried of all of the drama.  Harriet tries to pull rank, but to no avail. The consensus is that no one cares if Matt and Harriet are dating. 

Cal also gets a story with Jack along for the ride.  Someone called in a bomb threat for Studio 60, because of a Mohammed sketch in the dress rehearsal.  It turns out it’s just some kids playing a prank who promptly get arrested. 

The episode ends with Allison conceding that despite all of the things that went wrong, she still had a great time hosting.   

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