Sunday, August 24, 2014

Skip’s Emmy® Picks

It's that time of year again.  Fall is just around the corner and the best days of the summer are behind us.  Seems like just the right time for television to honor it's best and brightest, and if history holds, Jim Parsons.

That's right it's time of the Emmy Awards, this year, thanks to the VMA's and preseason football, on a Monday.  As is tradition, what follows are my picks for who will/should win.  I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how things play out tomorrow.

Best Comedy Series

Real talk; does anyone really know anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory?  I can’t even name a character on that show.  While I haven’t seen it, I hear this past season of Louie was the heaviest yet, which sort of undermines the “comedy” aspect.  The less said about Modern Family, the better.  As much as I loved Silicon Valley, I think it’s too new and not quite strong enough to be a contender.  For me it’s between Veep and Orange is the New Black. 

While Veep might be the purer of the two, I feel Orange is the best bet.  It’s an extremely well balanced show that, while shows heart, never veers into schmaltz. 

Skip’s Pick: Orange is the New Black

Best Actress in a Comedy Series

I feel like Melissa McCarthy’s had her moment and to a lesser degree, so has Lena Dunham.  Edie Falco has no buzz and Taylor Schilling plays the least compelling character on her own show.  Amy Poehler will always be a contender, but this is really Julia Louis Dreyfus’s to lose. 

Skip’s Pick: July Louis Dreyfus

Best Actor in a Comedy Series

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like anyone in this category.  I’m still smarting from Jim Parsons hosting SNL this past season.  I’m slightly surprised that Don Cheadle and Ricky Gervais are nominated, because I’ve heard nothing good about show.  I find it doubtful that Matt LeBlanc will be rewarded for playing a different version of himself.  And William H. Macy’s nom is clearly because of his body of work.  I guess Louis C.K. takes this? 

Skip’s Pick: Louis C.K.

Supporting Actor, Comedy Series

The gents from Modern Family cancel each other out and because of the divisiveness of Girls, Adam Driver’s honor is in being nominated.  I’d like to see Fred Armisen win, but Portlandia’s an acquired taste.  I feel like it’s between Andre Braugher and Tony Hale and it goes to Braugher for playing the straight man.

Skip’s Pick: Andre Braugher

Supporting Actress, Comedy Series

As much as I have sentimental attachment to Julie Bowen and Allison Janney, I refuse to believe anything good can come out either Mom or Modern Family.  I equally refuse to acknowledge The Big Bang Theory, sorry Mayim. 

I think Kate Mulgrew stands a good shot because of OITNB’s buzz, but Anna Chlumsky’s turn in Veep was pretty hilarious.  That said, I’m putting my money behind Kate McKinnon because, well how can you root against her? 

Skip’s Pick: Kate McKinnon

Best Drama Series

What an embarrassment of riches.  Off the bat Downton Abbey is out of the running, because it doesn’t stand a chance.   I’m also saying that both Mad Men and Game of Thrones probably aren’t going to win either.  Another show coming up short this year is House of Cards, because if you’re going to honor a movie star for doing television…

It’s True Detective vs Breaking Bad.  As impressive as True Detective was, Breaking Bad was better because it was the culmination of years. That investment was paid off with an incredible return. 

Skip’s Pick: Breaking Bad

Best Actress in a Drama Series

I feel like Claire Dames and Michelle Dockery suffer from having underwhelming seasons this year.  Kerry Washington and Lizzy Caplan don’t have enough support for their work to pull off a win.  I think it’s between Robin Wright and Julianna Margulies.  I genuinely feel that everyone who felt The Good Wife was overlooked this year is going to vote for Margulies and push her over the top. 

Skip’s Pick: Julianna Margulies

Sorry Woody Harrelson and Jeff Daniels, but only one nominee from HBO is a real contender in this category.  As much as I’d like to see Jon Hamm win, this ain’t his year.  Kevin Spacey’s coming up equally short.  It’s between Bryan Cranston and Matthew McConaughey and McConaughey’s taking it home because voters are going to want to be a part of history. 

Skip’s Pick: Matthew McConaughey

Supporting Actor, Drama Series

I really feel this is Aaron Paul’s to lose.  As much as I’d love to see Jon Voight and Mandy Patinkin give acceptance speeches, it’s not in the stars.  Jim Carter is equally out in the dark.  I could see either Peter Dinklage or Josh Charles waking up to the podium, but I’m pretty sure Paul’s taking this one home. 

Skip’s Pick: Aaron Paul

Supporting Actress, Drama Series

Joanne Froggatt and Maggie Smith are going to cancel each other out.  I can’t see Lena Headey coming out on top in this category.  As much as I enjoyed their work this year, I don’t see either Christine Baranski nor Christina Hendricks taking the Emmy home.  Given her work in Breaking Bad’s final season I think Anna Gunn has earned this win. 

Skip’s Pick: Anna Gunn

Best Miniseries or Movie

Fargo looks unbeatable in this category.  That said, I’d be completely fine with either Luther or Treme winning here. 

Skip’s Pick: Fargo

That's pretty much going to do it for this edition, but remember the Oscars are just around the corner.  

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