Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Movie Week - Filth

I have an Apple TV.   I’m a fan.  It’s crazy convenient and given the other Apple products that I own, it fits right in.

I also have the screensaver set up to the movie poster option.  So, whenever things have been idle for five minutes, up comes a parade of movie posters.  Some are upcoming movies while others have come and flopped.  Some are new to iTunes, while others are apparently available on other services. 

It’s some great advertising.  And it’s how I first came across Filth. 

I saw Filth's poster splash across my tv screen numerous times, which probably worked to some subliminal type effect.  But it made me check it out.  Filth is only the second film starring James McAvoy that I’ve seen.  The first was Trance.  I liked this one better. 

Filth is very well put together as a film.  It’s not really a mystery, but there is a reveal and several clues that lead you to it.  There was definitely a line that stuck out to me and made immensely more sense later in the film. 

It’s a stylistic film, where the stylishness can be distracting in the beginning but works in it’s favor as the pieces fall together.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it really worked, especially within the narrative of the film. 

I’m a sucker for a film about someone in pain who is self-medicating in excess.  There’s something about someone in denial that I find captivating.  McAvoy’s Bruce is a manic mess in Filth, but that’s a good thing here. 

The supporting cast is equally strong.  Eddie Marsan is completely believable as the meek Bladesey and genuinely entertaining to watch.  Jamie Bell’s Lennox is equally fun.  And I’ve been a fan of Shauna Macdonald since MI-5, so seeing her as Carole was certainly a treat. 

But I really love that final act.  I won’t spoil the reveal, but I loved it.  Like I said, I dig broken people and Bruce is definitely broken. But there are also moments when you feel badly for Bruce, who is a horrible human being, which is an accomplishment. 

Filth is on Netflix and definitely worth checking out. 

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