Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Remembering - BET: Uncut

There's been a lot of death recently. Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, that chick from the poster in the 1970's, TV's drunkest sidekick. And today we at Fish & Spaghetti mourn another passing, the passing of BET: Uncut.

Sure it was a programming block, but it was a programming block that featured some of the worst looking videos, and frankly video hoes, ever. BET: Uncut was a program that didn't care about taste or standards or quality of any kind. And what BET: Uncut offered was hands down the best smut available on free cable in the middle of the night.

BET: Uncut was like a glimpse into the grimiest strip clubs. You know, the ones on the wrong side of town that you'd never set foot in not only because you were afraid of what you'd catch, but also that you might catch a bad one. BET: Uncut gave you a free pass that you could redeem from the comfort of your couch.

It was a place where one could find not only barely censored versions of "Disco Inferno" and "Right Thurr", but also hidden gems like Black Jesus' "What That Thing Smell Like." In fact "What That Thing Smell Like" was probably the video that best represented BET: Uncut; it was poorly produced, hastily thrown together guilty pleasure that you'd be ashamed to be caught watching but strangely transfixing at the same time.

Sadly "women's groups" objected to the content of the videos and made it a national story (is there any fun they can't ruin?). BET bowed to pressure and pulled the plug on BET: Uncut on July, 8th 2006.

It's a shame that if someone wants to see Nelly swipe a card through some chick cheeks or is curious about what that things actually does smell like, now they've got to search for their answers on YouTube as opposed to BET providing them.

BET: Uncut, you are missed.


  1. lmao it used to be on at like 3am, I used to watch the nelly videos and N.E.R.D.

    can't see slores anymore.

  2. It's a amazing the cult following that BET Uncut has/had. Especially with a rotation of like only 12 videos.

    I'll miss "White Girls"

  3. lOl @NightFall914 whitegirl was my song . tip drill was the video too . man i remember BET uncut , i used to sneak and watch it because my mom wouldnt let . i was only like 12 when it canceled .

  4. i miss BET uncut. it was the only time they showed videos that i hadn't already seen a billion times.

  5. BET Uncut came on at 4 in the morning here in LA. It was wild, utterly disgustly but strangely intriguing. Much like a train wreck cept this had the very best in thugged out lesbian videos. The very Best!

  6. We need to petition uncut back on the air. I lost all respect for BET when they let the feminists beat them. It's not like the only show on at 3 am you can watch other stuff.

  7. I remember watching bet uncut 13 years old on school nights ������ wow did it make me develop a taste of black chicks...



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