Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Movie Week - Step Brothers

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I used to be a fan of Will Ferrell.  I can remember when he was the funniest guy on SNL.  I remember watching the Don’t Fear the Reaper sketch live.

I even went along with Will when he ventured to the movies.  At least in the beginning.  Old School was dope and the first Anchorman felt fresh.  But something happened and Will Ferrell movies stopped being “must see.” 

And that’s how I missed Step Brothers the first time around. 

I used to live in Las Vegas and we’d often go to a movie premiere at midnight.  By “we” I mean my coworker and I.  We’d go six or seven deep, after work and have a blast.  That’s how I saw Anchorman and the atmosphere really added to the movie. 

When I moved back to Baltimore I had two other coworker who would quote Step Brothers incessantly.  It was annoying, partially because I didn’t have a point of reference and was left out, but mostly because they did it all the time. 

I figured I’d give Step Brothers when I saw it was on Crackle.  I like comedy and I really wanted to see what those two coworkers had seen in it. 

I have to imagine Step Brothers played better in the theater.  I mean most comedies do.  Just like stand up, it’s easier to crack up a room of people who want to laugh than it is to make someone looking for a laugh giggle.

Maybe it’s me?  Maybe I’ve just outgrown Ferrell’s man-child schtick.  Terrence Maddox cracked me up.  But Step Brothers barely got a smile out of me.  I didn’t find all that much humor in him fighting with John C. Reilly. 

And I love John C. Reilly.  One of my favorite features on the Boogie Nights dvd is “The John C. Reilly Files” still, this film didn’t do all that much for me.  Adam Scott’s antagonistic brother was tolerable. 

I guess the only part of the film that I truly enjoyed was Richard Jenkins.  He played the role just right.  He plays it for comedy, but doesn’t take it too far.  He doesn’t even come close to the line, much less cross it.  Of course it’s rare to find a film that he’s not good in. 

I’ve seen Step Brothers and I sadly did not find the humor that my former coworkers found in it. 

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