Monday, January 19, 2015

Adventures with Peanut Butter

Last December I fell ill.  It wasn’t life threatening, it was just a bug, but it wiped me out.  I couldn’t get warm or comfortable, it was a pretty miserable five days. 

But while I was sick, I bought some peanut butter. 

Y’see I’m one of those people who really goes with their gut and listens to their body.  When I’m craving something, 97% of the time, I’ll satisfy that craving.  I don’t know if that speaks more to me being in tune with myself or my desire not to go without, but usually get what I’m longing for. 

So, when I was sick I was craving peanut butter on celery.  Since I’d already had celery in my fridge I went out and picked up some peanut butter from my severely underwhelming local grocery store Pathmark. 

And I’ve got to say that the celery/peanut butter combo was awesome.  It really hit the spot, which was particularly satisfying because I was under the weather.  It was perfect.  Unfortunately I was left with a jar of peanut butter that was 95% untouched. 

I’m not the biggest fan of peanut butter.  It stems from my childhood.  As a kid I made my own lunch for school.  I did it up until high school, at which point I switched up to getting lunch from school. 

But back to my making my lunch, it was really the first time I toyed with philosophy, sort of.  I’d make my lunch the night before and every day I’d take it school.  But I didn’t often eat those lunches.  I’d eat the snacks I’d packed, but not the main course; the sandwich.

Usually I’d make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or occasionally a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  I’d make those sandwiches because they were easy to make.  Strangely enough I wasn’t all that invested in my lunch, I’d make sandwiches that were easy to make, rather than tasted good. 

Making the sandwiches was Nighttime Skip’s responsibility, eating them fell solely in the domain of the mythical Tomorrow Skip.  It was as though I truly believed that I was reborn anew each day.  Nighttime Skip wasn’t worried about those sandwiches he was making; he wasn’t going to eat them, they were Tomorrow Skip’s problem. 

Basically I was done with peanut butter for life. 

I’m fine with peanut butter as a flavor or incorporated in ice cream (it's one of my favorite parts of Chubby Hubby) but as an adult I’d never purchased a jar of peanut butter for personal consumption.  Wow, I just realized that I bought my first jar of peanut butter while shivering from a fever. 

While I don’t like peanut butter, I like wasting food even less. So I have this jar of barely used peanut butter that I’m trying to find ways to get rid of.  Thankfully I’ve got the Epicurious app which happily provided me with some recipes that incorporate peanut butter in them. 

Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

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