Monday, February 2, 2015

Resolutions – The Resume

Since it’s a new year, I figured it was finally time to get some resolutions on the books.  Because really, is there anyone who can’t use some self-improvement? 

Of course I’m limited in my vision.  I’ve got to build up momentum before I attempt any meaningful change.  So this first resolution is really about doing some queue-cleaning; I need to figure out if I’m going to keep watching some shows. 

I’m a fan of bingeing tv.  If a show pops up on Netflix or Amazon, chances are I’m going to binge it.  But there are some shows that haven’t sunk their teeth into me. 

Mozart in the Jungle – I was really interested in where this show was going to go after watching it’s pilot last year.  But unlike Transparent, I haven’t binged Mozart.  In fact I stalled out less than halfway through the run. 

I’ll probably finish it out, because it’s an “original” program.  I try to be supportive of these new media outlets. 

Manhattan – I can’t front; Hulu’s commercials kill this show for me.  I appreciate how dense Manhattan is and that’s well written and well acted.  But if I have to choose between watching something on Netflix (or Amazon) or watching something on Hulu, I’ll usually opt for the former. 

That said, I’ve pretty much exhausted all of the shows that I really want to watch on Amazon and Netflix.  Until Bosch drops in February, my binge schedule is free.  Plus I’ve only got two episodes of Manhattan left, which, by my count means only 100 Hulu ad breaks. 

Boss – I remember when this show was on Starz and for a second there was positive buzz about it.  When it came Netflix, I figured I’d give it a shot.  I made it through the first season and watched the first episode of the second before I tossed in the towel. 

I liked the idea of a political show.  I like the actors.  I just don’t think I like the show.  Of course the second season is the final season, so the finish line is within sight. 

Derek – I think that Rickey Gervais is smart and funny.  I loved Extras.  But Derek did nothing for me.  I didn’t even finish the first season and now there’s a second? 

I really can’t see myself diving back into Derek, unless someone I really respect recommends it.  Sadly I don’t think anyone recommends Derek.  I mean, except Gervais haters.
Ripper Street – As a fan of MI-5, I wanted to love Ripper Street.  It’s got Tom Quinn and it’s another BBC production.  But Ripper Street is no MI-5.  Ripper Street is isn’t own beast. 

Ripper Street also represents a show where I haven’t finished the first season and still have a second one available.  I am close to the end of the first season of Ripper Street, so there’s a shot I wrap it up before I call it quits. 

Bojack Horseman – As I pointed out, I’m a fan of “original” programming.  But Bojack Horseman just didn’t click with me.  I think I’m halfway through the first season, with very little desire to see how it turns out. 

There is a chance that I will.  I like the actors involved, I’m just not invested in the show at all.  Like, I’m more invested in stocks than I am in Bojack Horseman, and I have zero investments in stocks. 

Hinterland – This show seems like it would be a breeze as it’s only four episodes.  The catch is that each episode is 95 minutes.  And it’s not a Sherlock 95 minutes either.  Hinterland is much quieter and much more deliberate. 

I only have two episode to go, but that’s three hours.  Every time I think about going back to Hinterland, I think about the movies that I might as well watch, since I’m investing over 90 minutes into watching something.  It’s purely mental, which means I may be able to get over the hurdle. 

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – This show as recommended to me by my uncle.  He’s a big aficionado of shows from abroad.  I wanted to like this show, but it’s so formulaic. 

It’s like an American 1970’s crime drama, only that it’s set in the 1920’s Australia.  But there’s about as much character development as you’d find in those old shows.  I’m not even halfway through the first season, and like Derek, there’s a second one watching to be watched.  I honestly don’t know if I’m going to be able to watch this one. 

 Black Mirror – On the plus side Black Mirror is an anthology, so there’s no getting sick of characters.  Also the seasons are three episodes long.  On the other hand…there is no other hand. 

Apparently this show just fell through the cracks.  I’ll probably finish it up before the month is out. 

Longmire – I have family who love this show.  I tried it out and it’s fine.  It’s like Justified, without the edge, violence and twists.  It’s fine, but it’s basically a background show for me. 

The good news is that, like Boss, I’ve finished its first season.  And honestly, I’m almost halfway through the second.  There’s a chance I can wrap this show up before Bosch debuts. 

 A Young Doctor’s Notebook – I only watched one episode of this show, so I don’t know if it’s completely fair of me to put it on this list.  I tried it out to catch it’s tone and voice.  I was fine with it, but it didn’t scream for me to return for more. 

I’m guessing this may be a show that I’ve got to be in a certain mood for.  This won’t necessarily be a binge show, but it may be something that I find myself working through. 

Chances are I won’t be watching all of those shows.  I’ll probably have to revisit this list at some point in the future to check the status of things.  But anyway, wish me luck.

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