Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Hood 2 Hood Blockumentary" Part 2. (Full Video 3 Hours)

If you have 3 hours to kill, check out this video, it's disturbing, tragic, and an 18 wheeler full of fireworks crashing into an elementary school.

Only scarier and more depressing. It's a sad yet sobbering reminder of what's happening in a lot of the communities that hope forgot.

Thier Description:

"Hood 2 Hood, The Blockumentary is an action packed film that takes you on a tour through America's highest crime rated neighborhoods.

Rich Kid Entertainment contacted all the underground hood connections from hoods across the country from California to New York, to the South and Midwest. Their connections opened the doors to their hoods and allowed them to capture the day-to-day actions of life in a crime-infested neighborhoods.

Film crews have never had access to footage like this, that includes everything from several pounds of marijuana and kilos of cocaine, fully automatic assault rifles, beatdowns, and thousands in cash earned in drug sales.

They traveled to over 29 different cities and neighborhoods that included the actual neighborhoods of today's top rap artists such as EMINEM (8 MILE), JAY-Z (MARCY PROJECTS), SUGE KNIGHT (ROSE CRANS ST), JUVENILE (MAGNOLIA PROJECTS), NAS (QUEENS BRIDGE PROJECTS) and many more.

This film contains exclusive interviews with real gang members, drug dealers, pimps and killers. Viewers be prepared to witness controversial and violent never seen before footage. Hood 2 Hood, The Blockumentary is reality T.V at it's best..."


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