Saturday, March 21, 2009

Morgan State University, Stand Up!

Ok, now sit back down.

What the hell was that? Congrats on winning the MEAC and all that, but that nationally televised, Thursday night blowout could have been a little more respectable if they had been able to hit just a few of the lay ups, free throws, and wide open 3 pointers that they missed. I went to Morgan, so I was excited to see them play, and while I didn't expect them to win, I definitley expected to see a team hit a couple buckets. That game was brutal. Oh well, there's always next year, and they really did represent in the MEAC division, so thanks Morgan State. Nice try.

Oh, and also this happened:

Thanks Morgan, you won the MEAC, got blown the hell out on TV in a horrible display, but your street cred is still intact.


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  2. Ameer has clearly been here too long because that was some hood ass, East Baltimore shit right there. Kansas City aint ready for chicken boxes, half n halfs and stick up boys. I wish they won and made papa Earl proud before his departure.

  3. that was some real MEAC-ass shit.



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