Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Best Show That You're Not Watching - Damages

I'll admit it Damages is a tough sell. It's one of those slow burn shows (The Wire, Brotherhood) where gratification comes from the culmination of a season. The show's debut season featured some stellar acting by Glen Close (no surprise) and Ted Danson (huge surprise!).

The second season has ramped things up a bit.

Things are uber complex, but suffice it to say that Ellen, still bitter about Patty's attempt on her life and wanting justice for her fiancé's murder has become a mole for the Feds in an attempt to take Patty down. Meanwhile Patty is busy trying to get revenge against an energy company for humiliating her in open court. And now that the conspiracy grows and things get tighter for Patty, I'm expecting to be blown away.

I'm not going to lie; this is a dense show and it's not for those who suffer from commitment issues. You've got to pay attention and be able to appreciate subtlety because nearly every character is being duplicitous on some level. Hell, the show even utilizes flashbacks/forwards better than Lost. But the performances by the actors are amazing and really do stand out.

Take Glen Close. That scene where Patty's embarrassed in open court, her furiousness is apparent and frightening. William Hurt was amazing in the first part of the season, when his character was a pivotal one. Even SNL player Darrell Hammond impresses as a creepy middleman for illegal activities. And the squirm inducing Tom Noonan's turn as a cop was just awesome to witness. Even Mario Van Peeples does his thing on this show.

Plus the show's got alums from some of HBO's greatest hits. Rawls (John Doman) and Freamon (Clarke Peters) from The Wire play great roles this season as does Deadwood's Timothy Olyphant.

Peters plays a powerbroker whose reach appears to know no end, while Doman is a CEO drunk on power. Olyphant, meanwhile, is a character who's shrouded in mystery.

In fact the only complaint about the show that anyone could have is how crazy skinny Rose Byrne is. I'm talking eating disorder skinny. Like distractingly "taking me out of the show" skinny. It's disturbing how thin she is.

But seriously, you should pick up season one and then try to catch up on season two. Damages is easily one of the best things on basic cable and shame on you for not watching it.


  1. I love Ted Danson and I'd probably watch it just to see him....if I wasn't so afraid of Glenn Close.

  2. ted danson is really funny on "curb your enthusiasm".



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