Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Method Man & Red Man: "Dangerous MC's"

I like Method Man's music, but I'm definitely one of the people who believe that most of his better work comes out when he's on a track with someone else. Even more, his absolute best work comes out when he's on a collabo with Red Man, so personally, I've been waiting for this album since a month after the first album they did together came out.

Check out this joint of thier new album Here


  1. I like these 2 together. my boss frowned at the "MUTHAFUCKIN" in the 1st 8 seconds of the song, so perhaps I'll check it out later.

  2. Yeah Meth does seem to be the standout team player more so then the MVP that stands alone. But any return to lyricism is fully supported by me.

  3. Its about time they came back out.

  4. So far I've heard "Mrs. International", "City Lights", and "4 Minutes to Lock Down" off of this ... not bad, a little over-hyped on the sites. Idk I'm pretty picky.



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