Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twitter Tuesday: A thorough "Pausing".

Welcome back to Fish & Spaghetti's Twitter Tuesday wherein I share with you my exploits on Twitter and theoretically share with you Twinterviews©, provided we finally nail one down.

Anyway Tuesday was pretty boring nothing much happened. I found out about the UK version of Law & Order which blew my mind. I was directed to a dope article about women and comedy by swish.

But as slow as Tuesday was, things quickly flew off the rails come early Wednesday morning.

Actually Wednesday started out innocently enough. I was gearing up for Respect Women Wednesday (something MC Hammer and I created). I was trying to figure out what parts of my life I'd have to cut out to take part in Respect Women Wednesday.

Thus I posted "As part of Respect Women Wednesday, I'm only watching porn where women are at least partially clothed. And no scenes with facials" which I think is a pretty decent concession. I quickly followed that up with; I wonder where MCHammer's Respect Women Wednesday stands on BDSM?

I better play it safe, avoid it altogether and cancel my session.

Just after he signed off, I realized I needed some clarity on a matter; Need to check if I'm dissing my girl on the side by not hooking up with her because I was Respecting my main Woman on Wednesday. It's a gray area.

Wednesday afternoon MF Grimm, percycarey, and I twitted about Respect Women Wednesday.

He said he was on his best behavior every Wednesday, to which I retwatted; "That's honorable. I try. But I've been known to have an occasional Smut It Up Saturday or Trip to the Strip Club Sunday."

Wednesday was also when Point/Counter Point went up so I spent a good portion of the day trying to get people to agree that marrying a porn stat would be a good look.

And of course I also kept every updated with how I was taking part in Respect Women Wednesday. "In honor of MCHammer's Respect Women Wednesday I didn't disrobe any women mentally or with my eyes or today" and "Respect Women Wednesday makes watching porn difficult. I don't want to objectify women, so I've got focus on the man parts."

Yeah, it's that last one that was the twit heard round the world.

Y'see apparently in addition to "no homo" there's also something called "pause." I guess they serve the same function, but I was completely unaware of "pause" as a concept. It's amazing how something juvenile that you've never heard of can completely send ripples around the internet. It's be like discovering that there actually was an invisible spray for cooties, and that you needed it.

But ignorance of the "pause" is no excuse. Thus I was busted by PausePolice.

That second thing I twote became their Pause Of The Day and proved to be quite a boon for the blog, generating more comments than they'd ever seen.

The damage was severe and hilarious. People told me I'd "brought shame and dishonor" to my name. Kids with Chun Li Twitter backgrounds were mocking me. But honestly in the year 2009 there are worse things than being called "gay." I mean can you imagine how much worse it'd suck to "write" for a blog that posted no original content? That's much worse.

totb_sasha offered to help me learn French. FrankieNichelle informed me I was missing I Love Morgan Day. phontigallo looked out. Nothing too exciting. Until I came up a great way to fill space; asking a random question.

This week's question; what are five movies you think that everyone should see before they die?

Here are the flicks that were offered up; Wizard of Oz, Silence of the Lambs, Passion of the Christ, The Shining, Scarface, Bladerunner, L.A. Story, Delicetessen, Mr. Death, Grave of the Firelys, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Braveheart, Star Wars, Contact, Liar Liar, What about Bob, Dirty Work, The Brothers Solomon, Excalibur, Blues Brothers, Usual Suspects, Wildstyle, & Stir Crazy, Citizen Kane, Funny Bones, The General (Keaton), Hobson's Choice, Blade Runner, A Soldier's Story, The Color Purple, Goodfellas, Coming to America, What's Love Got to Do With It?, Scarface, Carlito's Way, Friday, When We Were Soldiers, Passion of Christ, , Godfather II, Seven, Vanilla Sky, Coming to America, Lucky # Slevin, Fight Club, Raiders of the Los Ark, Empire Strikes Back and Magnolia.

Huge thanks to MovieNews1, pinkyringscale, FrankieNichelle, GeekTyrant, wimpyisdead, owenbiddle, PlugWonDeLaSoul, phontigallo, JCity2412 and JamesDRobinson for taking the time to respond.

Oh and JamesDRobinson called the blog "great" which completely made my week.

And thus ends another installment of Twitter Tuesday.


  1. Twitter Tuesday is almost becoming as exciting as Face Off Friday.

    I just don't understand the point in watching porn without facials, nakedness, gagging and chicks being hog tied. that's like taking a bath in a mud pool or only eating a salad at Golden Corral.

    Dude your pause was historical. don't be 'shamed!

    Indeed you did miss Morgan Day - half dressed chicks (lots of tits & ass), free cotton candy, soda, funnel cakes, snow balls, hair grease, and mixed cds, a dance contest (that was held up because some chick was waiting in the funnel cake line and wanted to dance), and a really cute puppy.

    great movie picks. Scarface, Passion, and Coming to America are popular.

  2. The line of the day for me was "Kids with Chun Li Twitter backgrounds were mocking me"......Oh SHit!!!!

    Only 5???That's hard. I had like 3-4 movies come to mind instantly and I'd still be missing some.

  3. ....oh and Miss Frankie just won her self a new follower with the porn part of her comment.



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