Friday, July 24, 2009

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So the beloved Fish Head, Blogger and all around hilarious internet personality Frankie Nichelle recently made a comment on her blog about how salty she was that she worked on a piece for that ended up on the cutting room floor because it was turned in late.

The rest of the FishAndSpaghetti staff was busy this week and our intern Chet turned in this weeks "Friday Face Off" late, so we're gonna do Frankie a favor and post that piece she worked so hard on all those weeks ago.

Enjoy, and be sure to check out Frankie Nichelle's blog, Texthibitionist Behavior:

I love Twitter!

While other social networking sites are cool, Twitter has more of an opportunity to win stuff...and who doesn't like winning? The only thing I might like more than winning is ice cream!

No, I like winning more. Actually, I like ice cream more. What about winning ice cream?!

One of the first companies I started following on Twitter was Baskin Robbins after a tip about 31 Cent Scoop Night in honor of America's firefighters.

Shortly after 31 cent scoop night, Baskin Robbins posted a random '80s trivia question to win $10 in Baskin Robbins gift certificates:

Of course I didn't know the answer, but I'm a pro at google. Most people think I'm smart, but they never realize that I'm only a know-it-all when there's a computer in front of me. I've mastered discreetly typing questions into the google search and finding the answers really fast. I'm considered a genius in my family.

I was on top of my google game:

IMBD listed Rainman, so I answered the Baskin Robbins trivia question in less than 5 minutes. I just knew I'd be the winner as I started browsing the Baskin Robbins website for the mixture of flavors I'd get with my $10 in gift certificates.

My dreams were shattered 2 minutes later when Baskin Robbins announced Nick Carnes as the trivia winner. It turned out that he responded to Baskin Robbins within 1 minute. ONE MINUTE!? Who the hell just pulls the answer to a question like that out of his ass? Is he Dustin Hoffman's younger cousin or what?
Lucky winner, I suppose. Baskin Robbins decided to do a bonus trivia question since they got such great responses. Next question:

What former actor became the mayor of sunny Palm Springs?

Sonny Bono! FAIL! answered too late.

Baskin Robbins announced that they'd continue with '80s trivia questions at 12noon and 6pm, daily (not including weekends) until Memorial Day. That gave me 34 more chances to win the trivia!

What was the most popular song of 1988?

Faith - George Michael! FAIL! answered too late.

Who won the World Series in 1988?

Dodgers! FAIL! answered too late.

What 80’s slang word means “a beautiful woman”?

babe? FAIL! wrong answer!

...and then Twitter announced that the scheduled maintenance would be taking place at 2:00PM Pacific time (5PM EST). OH NOOOOOOOOO!! That meant that my 6th chance to win the Baskin Robbins trivia was being threatened!

it was up to me to save the day and alert Baskin Robbins. I had hoped they'd recognize my dedication and reward me with a prize for telling them but I just got:

whatever, I stil had 31 more chances to win the trivia!

The game continued....

What 80’s slang word means “causing awe”?

Awesome! FAIL! answered too late.

At this point, I was a bit irritated! I had answered that question so fast and someone else still beat me! His advice was to use tweetdeck. He hadn't even been following the game. He just signed in and saw the question so he answered. WHAT THE HELL!?!

I was prepared for the next round....

Who won the Superbowl XXII in 1988?

Redskins! FAIL! answered too late.

What 80’s slang word means “unfair or unfortunate”?


By this time, I was staying over an hour late for work every day to answer the trivia question. If I left on time, I'd be on the road when the trivia was posted. I was having dreams and nightmares about the '80s and soft serve ice cream! I couldn't concentrate on my work. The need to win consumed me!

During one of my late evenings in the office, I was the only one left in the building. When I exited, there was a mob of angry, protesting students! They were shouting "WE WANNA WALK! WE WANNA WALK!! WE WANNA WALK!!"
I just knew they'd attack me for being an employee of the university that failed them and refused to let them walk across the stage during graduation. I made it out safely...BARELY! At 25, I passed for a student so I joined their protest and shouted "WE WANNA WALK" just to blend in and get away from them.

I thought about the trivia all night. I tried to wrap my brain around the odds of winning against the 4,518 Baskin Robbins twitter followers not including myself & the 8 people who already won. I figured a huge percentage of their followers were probably sleeping, working, or just not paying attention...hmmm maybe lactose intolerant?

The next day, as I prepped myself for my 9th trivia attempt, my co-worker came into my office to ask if I could go to her desk to listen out for her phone while she went to get lunch for the Vice President. Normally I wouldn't mind doing it, but she came to my desk at 11:59 and 58 seconds!! It was like she was on cahoots with everyone else keeping me from winning the trivia! I had no choice but to go to her computerless desk! I swore that I'd quit my job if I didn't win the 9th trivia question!

What was the horse’s name that won the Kentucky derby in 1988?

I made an attempt to answer it from my cell phone...even though I barely had a signal.

winning colors! FAIL!! I couldn't possibly think that answering the trivia via mobile web was even possible! FAILLLLLLL!!!

I cursed my co-worker and wished explosive diarrhea on our boss! I threw office supplies around in a fit of anger!

I never calmed myself down enough to answer the 6pm trivia question:

Who won Miss America in 1988?

Kaye Lani Rae Rafko. FAIL! I had self medicated to keep myself from going postal, losing my job and ending up in jail over ice cream!

What 80’s slang word means “to relax”?

chill! CHILLLLLLLL! it was WAY too easy and I just KNEW I won! 10th times a charm right? WRONG!

Baskin Robbins uploaded this picture to show me how close I was...

so close, yet so far away!!

Next question:

What 80’s slang word means “one who sits in front of the couch or sofa"?

COUCH POTATO! I didn't even need to google the answer! I just had to be right...but WAIT! This minor typo caused some Baskin Robbins trivia fans to stop and display a blank stare...

I used this to my advantage while others were caught up in the confusion of it all...

I waited on pins and needles for the results....

5 minutes passed....biting my nails....

10 minutes me and my followers held our breath awaiting the results...

12 minutes passed and then....

SURELY, my eyes were deceiving me but as the congratulatory replies came in, I knew it was real. FINALLY after what seemed like FOREVER, I had WON the Baskin Robbins twitter '80s trivia contest!!

I immediately went into Halle Berry Oscar acceptance speech mode...

...and I did have an acceptance speech on twitter!

I CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just screamed so loud in my office! I've waited SO long for this! twice a day, every day!

I'd like to thank my job for allowing me to stay here over an hour late to answer the Baskin Robbins trivia!!!

I'd like to thank the MANY supporters and people who wished me luck twice a day since the beginning!!!!

I'd like to thank my competitors!! You guys are amazingly fast and kept me on my toes, every day...twice a day!!!

I'd like to thank the people in the Marc Anthony chat for enhancing my ability to type 11 yrs ago!!

I'd like to thank twitter and @JessicaLemmo ...the reason I started following Baskin Robbins in the 1st place

I'd like to thank the people who put up with my ranting over not winning the last 10 times. Thanks for the encouraging words!!!

Thanks to my dad for being a jerk and arguing with my mom then providing the make up sex during which I was conceived in the 80s!

and last but not least (or until I find more people to thank) I'd like to thank Baskin Robbins for making soft serve & making this possible!!!

oh and God for ummm...making me love winning, trivia, the 80s, attention and ice cream!

ALSO, thank to you to GOOGLE! I found this answer on my own but you help me along the way and I learned a lot.

shout out to wikipedia,, and!!!!


  1. That was cute and very disturbing all at the same time.

  2. That's a pretty fair description of her, her blog and this post.

  3. this was funny. one of those things you only see in random movies while channel surfing and end up just watching all the way through like what the hell ??!!?!

  4. HA!!! you guys are so amazing for posting this! Thanks Jay1!

  5. OMG - and here all this time I was just thinking that you were making up time from coming in late. But seeing how you left tumblr for twitter, this really should've been obvious. lol

    this was one of the best posts I've seen by you thus far. EFFING HILARIOUS!

  6. Too funny! Lol, now I want ice cream.

  7. That was hilarious. i don't know what i would have done if you didn't win once......*holds back tears* I. Just. Don't. Know.



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