Friday, April 8, 2011

Pre-Concert Jitters

So I'm going to see TV on the Radio at Rams Head Live on Sunday.  I'm about 90% excited, but there's still that 10% that's apprehension.  Not because I'm worried about the band or their performance, rather I'm worried about who's going to be in attendance.

Y'see I've been to a few concerts at Rams Head Live in the past few months and I've had the misfortune of being around some of the more annoying concert goers.  Allow me to elaborate.

Interpol (7/25/10) -  I can distinctly remember this show.  It was an awesome concert, but there was one guy who was way too hyped.  Interpol isn't really a jump up and down and "fist pump" type of band, but there's was one dude who seemed like he was more a fan ofJersey Shore.

He bothered me so much.  He was impatient and kept screaming for Interpol after the openers.  And he's "WHOOOOO" was nearly unbearable.

The Dead Weather (8/2/10) - Another awesome performance and another grating concert goer.  Now the thing about The Dead Weather is that Jack White is their drummer.  He's probably the reason why 99% of people are even aware of the band.

Well at this particular show there were some high school age girls behind me who continually screamed out "we love you Jack" during the show.  They did this despite the fact that often times Jack as the least remarkable performer on stage.  Not fun at all.

The Roots (10/8/10) - The Roots never disappoint.  And I don't want to go too into detail here, but there was a chick at the show who tried to distract me while I was watching the Legendary Roots Crew.

Suffice it to say she got my attention, and I regretted it ever since.

Jenny and Johnny (10/25/10) - This was a very quaint show.  Really intimate and just good feelings all around.  Johnny's a fan of The Wire, so he sprinkled the set with references to the show.

But much like with The Dead Weather, there were people in attendance who felt like screaming out "I love you Jenny."  Like, it was screamed out enough that I wanted to yell "I love you Johnny, I mean I'm completely straight, but I love how much you're rocking tonight, and I probably should have just said 'you rock.' Oh well, next time."

Wale (12/22/10) - This concert wasn't that great.  It has all of the chaos of a stereotypical Hip-Hop concert.  It was borderline disgraceful.  And that fact that Fat Trel was bounding around the stage shirtless didn't things.

The annoyance at this show was two-fold.  First were the broads in front of me who stayed on their myriad of cell phones, texting and tweeting.  The second were the chicks behind me who were hating on the broads in front of me.  It was like being caught between The View and The Talk.

Robyn (2/1/11) - I've already written about that concert over here, so we'll just jump to the annoyances.

Yes the dude who took off his shirt and was swinging it over his head was annoying, but not nearly as bothersome as the duo who tried to bumrush their way past me to get closer to the stage.  The male component of the two looked genuinely hurt that I wouldn't let him through and quickly dispensed with way too many comments ending in "bro."  All in all, it was a relatively minor annoyance.

Pete Yorn (3/15/11)- I wrote about this one too.

This concert featured reoccurring annoyance, every time there was a lull between songs.  That's right; a guy had a request.  "Paradise Cove, Pete!" or some variation of that phrase was yelled virtually every time action on stage paused.  It went on so long that I went from rolling my eyes at this guy's insistence, to hating him, to feeling sorry for him, to wondering why Pete wouldn't play a song that was on both of his last two albums (albeit in two different versions), to respecting Pete's stubbornness, to finding the entire situation hilarious."

In fact, on my sitcom, when the logo for my production company flashes at the end of the episode it's going to be accompanied by the sound of a guy mournfully yelling "Paradise Cove, Pete."

Now, given those concert experiences, don't you think that maybe I've got some place to be worried about who I'm going to bump into when I see TV on the Radio on Sunday?

Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it next week.

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