Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time, is on My Mind

I think about time all of the time.  There's always some aspect of time on my mind.  Sometimes I'm thinking about how to manipulate time in my favor.  Other times I'm wonder where all the time has gone to.

But lately I've have two questions regarding time;

1) What the hell do we call the last decade?

2) How do you abbreviate "2011?"

Let's start with the most pressing question, which is the second one.

As a guy who experienced the renaissance in Hip Hop that was the 1990's, I grew accustomed to years being abbreviated in songs.  1992 was the "nine-deuce."  How awesome does nine-nickel sound when shouting out 1995?

If you were a fan of Naughty by Nature (or as I liked to call them "Tupac's Sycophant and two other guys") you could go with the "Nineteen Naughty Four."  Good business.

Even if you went the Bad Boy route and just named off the last digits  ("Nine Five mother-fuckers") you couldn't go wrong.

And for the first decade of this millennium everything was pretty cool because you can't go wrong with "Double Oh."  "Double oh" anything sounds dope.  And even twenty ten was tolerable.

But here we are the clunky year 2011.  How do we shorten this year in a cool manner? I've honestly got no ideas.  None whatsoever.

Speaking of the "first decade of this millennium," what the hell is it called?

Because it's so close in our yearview mirror, we'll probably just address what particular year we're referencing.  But at some point, down the line we're going to need to call that decade something.

For instance, what are we going to tell our kids about the rise of auto-tune? Sure, telling them that it ascended to power at the end of the decade that almost killed Hip-Hop is accurate, but it just doesn't flow.  

You can ask Jay1, I've been a strong advocate of "the aughts" or "the aughties" but it doesn't appear to have caught on.  And I've been trying my damnedest to make it happen.

It's getting tight and we're going to have to come to a consensus on what we're calling that last decade before some slick Pete Campbell-type decides for us.

I look forward to hearing what you think we should call these things.  

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