Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trailer Tuesday - Contagion, Abduction, Killer Elite and More!

Despite the two natural disasters it's been a pretty mellow week. Breaking Bad is still amazing.  Seriously, Hank effing Schrader!  I finally picked up Watch The Throne and Kanye is barely tolerable.

Since I did my whole Tom Felton double feature of the final Harry Potter and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I saw a ton of trailers.  I'll share my thoughts on some of them.



What They Say: A lethal airborne virus that kills within days spreads rapidly.  Normal people struggle with the loss of society while the medical field struggle to find a cure.  

Reasons To Pay:  Um, Damon, Soderbergh together again? Plus it's got two of my favorite Anna Gunn costars with John Hawkes and Bryan Cranston.  Also the subject matter sounds interesting because, well, you know how we feel about the Avian Flu.  And seriously, who doesn't love a good pandemic every now and again?

Reasons To Stay:  Given the overhyping of Hurricane Irene, I'm sort of over widespread panic right now.  

At The End of the Day: The cast and director are probably enough to get me to check this one out.


What They Say: Literally; "Taylor Lautner stars as a young man unwittingly thrust into a a deadly world of covert espionage in Liongate's action-thriller Abduction, directed by John Singleton."

Reasons To Pay:  It's got Rahad Jackson from Boogie Nights,  Brotherhood's Michael Caffee and Natalie from The Cooler.  It does kind of look cool to see a young "Jason Bourne" type.  The trailer is full of action...

Reasons To Stay: ...and stiff acting.  Taylor Lautner and his fan base serious reasons to skip this one.

At The End of the Day: I'd likely have to be dragged to this flick by a young lady and chances are, if she's interested in this one she's too young for me.

Killer Elite

What They Say: Jason Statham plays a retired special ops agent who gets back in the game to save his mentor Robert De Niro. Clive Owen plays the antagonist in this globe hopping action/adventure.

Reasons To Pay: Clive Owen was awesome in Children of Men, Closer and Derailed; movies where he had to actually act.

Reasons To Stay: This movie clearly focuses on action over acting.  I can't recall the last time I enjoyed De Niro in a movie. And while I'm happy Turkish has a thriving career as an action star, it's not really my bag.

At The End of the Day: It looks like a movie with twists and turns and plenty of awesome action and a pinch too much testosterone for me.

Dream House

What They Say: Daniel Craig plays a father who's trying to figure out what happened to his family in his house.

Reasons To Pay:  I like movies with twists. I find Daniel Craig unoffensive.  I'm genuinely curious what happened to those two little girls who lived a house.

Reasons To Stay: The trailer seems to give the twist away.

At The End of the Day: I can't really see myself going to this movie.  It'd probably be another date type scenario.

In Time

What They Say: In a future where money buys you life extensions, Justin Timberlake fights the power.

Reasons To Pay:  I want to show my undying support for Pete Campbell.  I like movies about the future.  I dig Cillian Murphy.

Reasons To Stay: I'm not a fan of movies set in a future that's distinctly white, movies starring Justin Timberlake and movies that attempt to deal with class while ignoring race.  If feels sort of The Island-esque.  

At The End of the Day: As much as I love Pete Campbell, my loathing for Justin Timberlake is much, much stronger.

The End

Next Week: The Muppets, Sherlock Holmes, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and more.

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