Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Munchies - Italian Herb & Parmesan Chex Mix

So Baltimore allegedly experienced two minor disasters this week; an earthquake and a hurricane.  The hype around the Hurricane Irene was more blustery than the actual storm and the earthquake was over before most people knew what it was.

Still, those events got us thinking about doing a non-perishable edition of Monday Munchies.  With ice cream out, we opted to give Italian Herb & Cheese Chex Mix a shot.  

First and foremost it needs to be pointed out that the packaging labels this as being "Italian Herb."  That's singular.  It's not like "herbs and spices" which is clearly plural.  No, this is a singular herb and that herb is oregano.

Oregano isn't offensive.  And within the Chex Mix it's not overpowering.  But it is present.  And it's clearly the Italian herb in question.  Now "Oregano and Parmesan" doesn't have the same ring as "Italian Herb and Parmesan", though it's a much more accurate description of the flavor.

The parmesan half of the flavoring is equally inoffensive.  It's not really strong enough to be considered "cheesy" but it's more than just a hint of flavoring.  Still of the two flavors it's the less distinct one.

Basically Italian Herb & Parmesan Chex Mix is really something that geared towards people who are already fans of Chex Mix.  It isn't going to convert anyone to the concept of Chex Mix, nor will it turn anyone off of the connection.  As a snack food it's completely tolerable yet hardly a necessity.

It exists and if you're curious about it try it out.  But unless you have the curiosity, you can easily live a full life without having ever experienced it.    

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