Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Skip's Emmy Picks

So, the Emmys are this Sunday.  And since I watch the most television out of the entire F&S crew, I'm sort of the resident Emmy dude.

But the thing about that is, I just got a tv and I don't have cable.  Also I don't watch crap, so I haven't seen a lot of shows that are nominated.

Still, I like investing in the outcome of things in which I have no control over, so I figured I'd offer up my Emmy picks.

Lead Actress in Comedy

I've never seen The Big C and I wasn't too fond of Nurse Jackie, so to me they're non-factors.  Amy Poehler suffered from coming on midseason and I don't see anyone being particularly enamored with Tina Fey the actress this year.

For me it's a race between Martha Plimpton and Melissa McCarthy. Thanks to Bridesmaids, McCarthy has tons of buzz.  But Plimpton was in The Goonies.  Also Raising Hope is dumb funny.

Skip's Pick:

Martha Plimpton - she's the only lead from her show nominated and she's earned it.

Lead Actor in Comedy

Not being a Big Bang Theory fan and having never seen an episode of Episodes, boom, there goes half of the nominees.  As much as I love Jack Donaghy, and I do love Jack Donaghy, I think Alec Baldwin sits this one out as well.

I've heard awesome things about Louie so the fact that Louis was nominated is huge.  But Steve Carell's final episode of The Office was magnificent.  I'd like to see Louis get the award, I don't know if voters are ready for him to win.

Skip's Pick:

Steve Carell - his swan song was terrific, funny and poignant.

Supporting Actress in Comedy

I'm over Glee and Jane Krakowski doesn't stand a chance.  I don't see Sofia Vergara winning.  And as much as I love Carol Vessey, I don't see Julie Bowen winning either (but I'd be slayed if she did.)

I think it's between Betty White, Kristen Wiig.  Again, Wiig has Bridesmaids buzz, but White has the whole "decades in the biz" factor.  I can't call it.  But I'm pulling for Wiig.

Skip's Pick:

Kristen Wiig - she's mesmerizing on SNL, you watch her waiting to be entertained.

Supporting Actor in Comedy

I'm still over Glee.  And as much as I'd love to see Jon Cryer's acceptance speech, I don't like Jon Cryer.

It's between the Modern Family guys.  Um, I guess I'll pick one.

Skip's Pick:

Ty Burrell - he's my favorite of the Modern Family dudes.

Comedy Series

I love 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation.  I loathe Glee and Big Bang Theory.  The Office was terribly uneven.  (Who'd have though Will Ferrell doing comedy would be so uneven? Oh, that's right; anyone who's seen one of his movies in the past five years.)

It's going to be Modern Family.

Skip's Pick:

Modern Family - it's the show to beat, the Cheers of it's era.

Lead Actress in Drama

Ma Serpico loves Friday Night Lights and Harry's Law.  We both love Mad Men.  I used to have a huge crush on Julianna Margulies.  I hate the sole remaining Law & Order (I refuse to acknowledge the West coast edition.)

I've heard Mireille Enos killed in The Killing.  But I'm really pulling for Elisabeth Moss.  Plus, I used to have a huge crush on Julianna Margulies.

Skip's Pick:

Elisabeth Moss - "The Suitcase" was an amazing episode, put the knocked it out of the part all season long.

Lead Actor in Drama

This is a tough one for me.  I don't watch Boardwalk Empire, House or Friday Night Lights and I haven't seen the most recent season of Dexter. But I do love both Mad Men and Justified.

Jon Hamm and Timothy Olyphant both had stellar seasons.  Olyphant had to hold his own with some powerful competition (see the supporting noms) while Hamm had to give a carefully measured performance.  Ugh, this is a difficult pick.

Skip's Pick:

Jon Hamm - Again "The Suitcase" was a powerful episode and his gauging of Don Draper's drunkenness through the entire season was amazing.

Supporting Actress in Drama

Supposedly The Good Wife is good, but I don't think it can compete.  I've heard good things about The Killing and Boardwalk Empire, but I've yet to see an episode.

For me it's between Christina Hendricks and Margo Martindale.  And as much as I love Hendricks (and I totally love her) I think Martindale handily takes this one.

Skip's Pick:

Margo Martindale - Mags was menacing and motherly often in the same scene and sentence, her performance was riveting.

Supporting Actor in Drama

This is a category full of sentimental favorites for me.  With the exception of Alan Cummings, I'm a huge fan of everyone nominated.  That said, for me it still boils down into a race between Mad Men and Justified.

John Slattery showed some real depth this season. Roger Sterling's outrage at Honda and his deception with American Tobacco were great to witness.  And he kept with his trademark wit.  But watching Boyd Crowder navigate murky backwater politics was a true treat.

Skip's Pick:

Walton Goggins - you never really knew where Boyd stood, yet you couldn't take your eyes off him, whenever he was on the screen.

Drama Series

Yeah, I only watch one of the shows nominated for Drama.  So for me it's Mad Men.

Now what I find sort of interesting is how, largely because of Kurt Sutter, Mad Men winning or losing this award could be seen as a referendum on networks, Hollywood politics, Sutter and even Matthew Weiner.

Basically Sutter said that Mad Men's negotiations ruined things for Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.  So, if Hollywood folks agree with Sutter, they may use it as an excuse for voting against Mad Men, the reigning Emmy champion.

But Sutter also got painted as a troublemaker, so if Mad Men wins, it could be Hollywood telling Sutter to sit down and shut up.

Either way Sutter's Sons of Anarchy isn't nominated.

 I'll be really interesting in seeing how it plays out.

Skip's Pick:

Mad Men - the fourth season was just as good as previous seasons, it's truly one of the finest hours on television.

I'll certainly be tuning in on Sunday to see how right I am.

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