Friday, December 30, 2011

Revisiting Revisiting Resolutions

You all know of New Years Resolutions work.  Around the first of the year everyone makes hollow promises to themselves (and occasionally others) to become better people.

Resolutions typically include any of the following; losing weight, eating better, quitting smoking, giving up "hard" drugs, wearing condoms when shagging prostitutes and divesting from the trafficking of humans

Roughly a year ago I offered up my resolutions.  Six months ago I revisited them.  Now that the procrastinations done, let's see how things shook out.

(But since no one wants to end the year on a down note, I've taken the liberty of revising some of my more lofty resolutions resolutions to more reasonable deeds.)

Write More - I did write more. There was basically a post every other day in 2011.  That's quite the improvement over 2010.  I'm totally willing to call this one a success.

Get a TV - Yup, I got this one covered.  I've got a tv.  Now I can watch shows like Community and 30 Rock on something that's not my laptop.

Impregnate a Chick Try Out Netflix - Jay1 had been trying to get me to give Netflix a shot for awhile, but I never felt the urge.  And then Netflix began it's marketing deluge where they advertised a one month free trial.  So I did that.


And then there was the whole fiasco where Netflix and Qwkster split and tons of people were burned.  I decided not to continue on with Netflix.  But for those two free trials I watched some good movies, some interesting movies and some horrible flicks.  Oh and some good shows.  Good times.

Get My Tattoo Finished Finish Super Mario Wii - I'm a pretty big fan of the Mario franchise.  Except for Super Mario 64, I've pretty much enjoyed all of the Super Mario games.  When I heard Super Mario was coming to the Wii, I got hyped.

And Super Mario Wii totally delivered.  It was like old school Mario action, but with updated challenges and abilities.  It was awesome!  And I beat it.  I saved the Princess.  Seriously, I can not tell you how gratifying saving her was.

Get the F&S Podcast Started Get the Sunday Morning Quarterback Started - Sunday Morning Quarterback was something we'd discussed for a couple years now.  Jay1, being a huge SNL-head, would always recap episodes and give his critiques to me after they aired.  And he'd also tell me about neo-classic sketches that I thought I should get to know.

In 2010, Sunday Morning Quarterback was supposed to be up, but scheduling got in the way.  So when SNL premiered this year, I just jumped on it and made it happen.  While Sunday Morning Quarterback isn't perfect, it's a decent approximation of what we were trying to do.

Finish Building My Time Machine - Ok, so I did actually complete this one.  The thing is; I'm afraid to turn it on.

So the prevailing theory about time travel is that when it become a viable technology, time machines would only be able to go back as far back as when time travel became possible.

Since I've got a time machine, I'm afraid that once I turn it on, everyone from the future that wanted to go back in time as far as possible will instantly show up in the present.  I don't know what kind of pressure that will put on the time/space continuum, nor do I know how that would affect reality.  And honestly I'm not that eager to find out.  So for now that switch remains unflicked.

Visit the Planet of the Apes Watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes - I totally saw it.  And it was totally awesome.  I loved everything about it.  In fact thanks to this post, I remembered that it's out on dvd and I need to cop it so I can watch it again in the comfort of my own home.

So there you have my Resolutions for 2011.  I think I did a pretty fine job with them.

Unfortunately 2012 is right around the corner, which means I've got to set goals on how to better myself in the next 367 days.

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