Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Munchies - Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt Raspberry Fudge Chunk

I can remember a couple years back when Greek yogurt was sweeping across the country.  Greek yogurt was the cool new treat.  I never bothered to investigate and find out what differentiated Greek yogurt from regular yogurt or what made it better.  Yogurt's not my thing.

But when I saw something emblazoned with a "new" lid in the Ben & Jerry's freezer I got excited.  Then I saw it was an entire line of Greek Frozen Yogurt. My excitement decreased by 50%.

Like I said yogurt's not my thing.

I'm an ice cream guy.  Have you ever read anything of me reviewing frozen yogurt?  Maybe I'm biased.

Still, it was "new" and it was "Ben & Jerry's" so I knew I had to buy one of each flavor.  Plus I'd been neglecting the blog, felt guilty and saw it as an easy way to get some content up.

I started things with Raspberry Fudge Chunk.

I like raspberry as a flavor.  I like that it's sort a neglected berry and not only doesn't get used in everything, but that when it is used, it's not over sweetened.  On the low, it's probably my favorite berry.

The raspberry  Greek frozen yogurt is tasty.  It's smooth and quite honestly it's nearly identical to ice cream in terms of texture and appearance.  There's only one difference, but I'll get to that later.

Ben and Jerry's uses the same fudge "chunks" that they use in every over flavor.  The dark chocolate usually provides a nice balance to the sweetness in the ice cream, but with the Greek frozen yogurt that sweetness isn't really there.

It's a very basic flavor with only two components, the raspberry yogurt and the fudge chunks.  In that regard it's almost two simple and comes close to underwhelming.  But the simplicity works so well that it's really a triumph.

I will say that to my palate, yogurt comes off as a bit sour.  I get a hint of sourness as an aftertaste when eating yogurt.  Maybe it's in my head because I know about how yogurt is made, or maybe it's because I'm not used to eating it, but i find that it's there.

Raspberry Fudge Chunk isn't going to be for everyone, but it's got no real flaws.  It's just not up my alley, so I probably won't be getting it again.

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