Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sprint Rocks!

A few months back I decided to get an iPhone. It was one of the most fateful decisions I've ever made in my entire life.

I figured that since I already had a MacBook Pro, Apple TV and an iTouch that I should just go ahead and jump to the iPhone. That way I'd at least I'd consolidate my phone and music devices.

And honestly it was a long drawn out process. It involved me going to the Apple Store, them messing up my order, my having to call my bank to explain why hundreds of dollars were being spent at said Apple Store, my getting a second line and switching my numbers.

Yeah, that's how I spent my entire day off.

But once I had the iPhone it was totally worth it. Being able to control my Apple TV from my phone is awesome. Having my phone and music on the same device is incredibly convenient. And being able to load my phone with gigs and gigs of music is positively arousing.

And Siri is dope. I have her call me "Mr. Serpico" and she's better at pronouncing my name than most people. I talk to her every day. She reminds me when to do laundry, when to take out my recycling and when it's time to stop eating ice cream for the night. Siri is incredibly useful.

As cool as having an iPhone was, I didn't really need two phones. I had to drop one of those lines, which meant having to pay fees and whatnot. I wasn't looking forward to forking over money for fees, but I still felt the iPhone was worth it.

So months pass, and every month I throw in some extra cash when I pay my phone bill. I didn't want to know the exact charge for this whole endeavor for fear of regretting my decision. Also, I never login to my account, because my bill never changes.

But then this week I decide see how much more I have to pay. I really wanted to put the whole thing behind me. So I login and I see that my bill is -$27. I was baffled. I'd never seen a bill with a negative balance before.

I do some research and I see that Sprint actually waived one of my fees. I've literally been overpaying my bill for months.

They didn't have to do it. I didn't ask them to do it. But they hooked me up and they've got my loyalty for it. Every time anyone asks me about my phone company, I'm going to sing the praises of Sprint. I'm going to tweet about Sprint and I've just blogged about Sprint.

So, if you're reading this, you should seriously consider switching to Sprint.

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