Thursday, May 3, 2012

Superman is a Dick...

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I have a new interest in Superman recently since I've been reading All Star Superman. I even went as far as to have a legit brainstorm meeting with resident comic nerd, Fish and Spaghetti Editor Skip Serpico about writing and pitching a real Superman story to DC comics.

So keeping in mind that Free Comicbook Day is this weekend I hit up the internets to see if I could find some classic Superman stuff to add to my list.

Instead I found a site called Superdickery.

It's funny to see how Superman, a living embodiment of "Truth, Justice and the American way" has been portrayed through the years.

Check out some more Super Dickery after the jump...

PS- This new blogger interface sucks.

What could this issue possibly be about?

Just because he's wearing a cape doesn't mean he's "Captain Save'em" apparently. 

Some of these appear to just be about a scum bag in a Superman Costume.

I would like this to be the next movie remakes.
I like this dipiction of Supermans kid much better than the version that was in the last movie.

This must be the bad Superman from part 3, the one that called clark a faggot in the junk yard.

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