Friday, May 25, 2012

The Last Fish&Spaghetti Post?

Ok, everyone is talking about it so lets cut right to it.
We all hate the new Blogger interface.  We hate it so much that this actually happened the other day.

That's a message I got from Skip Serpico the other day. 
I agreed with him, and I planned on discussing a new collaborative project beyond Fish&Spaghetti with him this weekend.
Last weeks SMQ was going to be my last and the post below about Swede was going to be Skips last.

And then this happened....

Holy Smokes!!

I heard about a BeatNuts and Alkaholiks  project in June and thought "yeah right, I wish..." because this is a hip hop project I've been waiting to hear for over a decade!  This are litterally two of my favorite Hip Hop groups of all time and the only thing that could have possibly made me go near this blog ever again.

The song is called "Grumpy Croccodile", and its random and funny, with dope punchlines and a grimey beat with a weird ass sample and it knocks.

I can't wait for this project to be released.

1 comment:

  1. I love The Beatnuts. I love the 'Liks. I'm sure I'll love the Liknuts. I know I'll love saying "Liknuts."

    But I hate Blogger.



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