Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Munchies - Green Tea Kit Kat

I feel guilty about only resurrecting Sunday Morning Quarterback.  Yes, life is hectic, but I could probably make time to put some more effort into Fish & Spaghetti.

And this is my attempt to do just that.  I'm making a valiant effort to bring Monday Munchies back, starting today.  Starting with Green Tea Kit Kat.

Did I make the right call?

Japan is a wondrous place that I've never been to.  But I know that it just exudes awesomeness.  Jay1 and I have had endless conversations about the variety of different candy they have over there and the exotic flavors.

We've all heard about the mythical strawberry Kit Kat and how it's only available in any country that's not the United States (it's actually something that'll get the spotlight in the future.)   There are all sorts of crazy flavors that are just beyond our reach.

Well, we at Fish & Spaghetti managed to get our hands on the Green Tea Kit Kat.

The first think that struck me was how it came in cardboard package.  I'm used to the typical U.S. packaging (though I'm also old enough to remember when Kit Kat's came in the foil wrapping.)
Apparently candy is viable way to send messages in Japan
From there you have three packages containing twin Kit Kats.  Basically one package of Kit Kat's has three "fun size" packages.  It's interesting and also probably helps in terms of serving size.

In terms of flavor, it is certainly Green Tea.  It's got that herbal aftertaste and the distinct mellowness.  But it's also got that sweetness that you've come to expect from a Kit Kat.
You can barely see it, but it says "Kit Kat."
Texture-wise it's standard Kit Kat.  It has the crispy wafer at the center, with layers of Green Tea, um, chocolate?  It's the familiar delivery system, just with a new flavor.  It's cool because it's a flavor you're not used to, but other than the newness of it, it's really not all that special.

In all honesty, I can't say that Green Tea Kit Kat are something that I'd crave.  I'm really not that much of a candy guy, but I do have occasional urges.  If the Green Tea Kit Kat were readily available, I'd probably only try it out once a year.

If you're ever abroad and have the opportunity to try Green Tea Kit Kat, go for it, it's totally worth it.  But I really doubt you'll be making room in your suitcase to bring a stockpile of it back home with you.

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