Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Munchies – Ben & Jerry’s Lazy Sunday

I can remember going the Foothillls Mall and getting Häagen-Dazs with Ma Serpico.  It was fun, it was a treat and it was indoors.  I’m not really a fan of novelties or ice cream cones because they tended to be messy, especially if you’re a kid growing up in Tucson. 

And that’s why I rarely visit Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops; I’ve been conditioned to eating ice cream at home.  Still, when I heard they had SNL inspired flavors, I knew a visit was in my future. 

Lazy Sunday is obviously inspired by the classic SNL Digital Short of the same name.  Will the flavor go equally viral? 

Going into the flavor I had my doubts, mainly because of the description.  It’s vanilla cake batter ice cream with chocolate & yellow cupcake pieces and a chocolate frosting swirl. 

(I do applaud B&J for not trying to make a “Lazy Sundae” and do a variation on things.) 

I’ve found B&J “batter” and “cake” flavors to be way too sweet and at times overwhelming.  I was prepping myself for disappointment.  I was completely wrong. 

Lazy Sunday is actually a very well constructed flavor.  The vanilla cake batter ice cream is very smooth and rich.  It’s sweet, but not sickeningly so.  The richness really shines and there’s even some buttery notes to be found. 

The cupcake pieces are plentiful enough to be found in every bite, but not so abundant that you forget you’re eating ice cream.  They give the flavor some texture and also a nice burst of flavor. 

The chocolate frosting swirl is perfect.  Again, it’s used in just the right amount, the chocolate adds but doesn’t overpower any of the other components.  And it blends perfectly with the ice cream so that, flavor wise, it tastes like you’re eating cake with chocolate frosting.

Lazy Sunday is really a triumph as a flavor.  It honors it’s inspiration, it redeems cake based flavor and definitely worth tracking down.  But again, as I pointed out last week, getting a pint from a B&J Scoop Shop is more expensive than from your local grocery store.  Personally I feel it’s worth it, but your mileage may vary. 

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