Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.21

Studio 60 needs more Mary Tate. Every show needs more Mary Tate.
Aaron Sorkin is a screenwriter.  He's an Oscar winning screenwriter.  I think he should collaborate with Martin Scorsese.  I'd really like to see Sorkin write a Scorsese crime flick.  

Can you imagine the best of both worlds?  Sorkin's dialogue with Scorsese shots.  How great would that be?  We should get a Kickstarter started.  Are you guys down?  

Today's episode is "K & R part III."
Host & Musical Guest: Jenna Fischer & Gran Bel Fisher (this is a continuation of the previous episode) Jason Alexander & Sheryl Crow (flashback)

# of references “Crazy Christians”:  None

Sketches Referenced: Zero

Sketches Shown: None

Following the Simon’s outburst we find that he’s been sent to Danny’s office.  Jack shows up and is completely dismayed that Danny, who’s in recovery, doesn’t have any alcohol in his office.  Simon tells his side of the story with the reporters.  Jack wants to know why Simon didn’t just go back inside instead of ranting.  Jack’s plan is that he’ll draft an apology and Simon will read it.  But Simon stands firm. 

Jack’s confident enough that he bets Simon that Simon’ll apologize before the sun comes up.  Simon attacks news organizations for only following the war when there’s something else attached to it.  Jack completely agrees with Simon, but he still wants Simon to apologize so that history doesn’t repeat itself.  Simon’s glad that the past has been brought up, because Jack broke his word to Matt and Danny and they lost their jobs.  Jack is irate and corrects Simon; Matt and Danny lost their jobs because he kept his word. 

Later Matt finds Jack and Simon going over America’s history of apologies.  Jack wants Matt to get Simon to apologize, which naturally dregs up the past.  Jack still wishes that Matt had just said “I’m sorry” those many years ago, while Matt wishes that Jack had just said “screw yourself” to their critics and defended them.

Jack ends up drafting an apology for Simon to read, but Simon still refuses to read it.  Simon counters that if Jack airs his dirty laundry in front of cameras, Simon will publically apologize. 

Meanwhile, Mary and Matt continue to plot, yet frustratingly don’t hook up.  Why can’t Matt see that Mary is an amazing woman, who is actually there for him in his time of need?  Is he blind?  Anyway, she tells him that the plan can be set  into motion. 

Matt , Mary and Jack bring Tom into the fold, but Tom declines their offer.  And while walking in the hall Mary and Captain Boyce pass each other and exchange knowing glances.  Boyce tells Tom not to buy his brother back, because it would be disrespectful, his brother would hate him and it would send the wrong message. 

But then Boyce gets a phone call telling him that the abductors are going to release a video of a beheading claiming it’s one of the other airmen.  Boyce tries to convince Tom that it’s a fake, but Tom panics and rushes to see if Mary’s people can still pay the ransom. 

Mary, Tom, Jack and Matt talk about how things are going to work.  Jack and Matt say they’re going to foot the bill.  Tom says he wants to talk things over with his parents first. 

Mary brings up the paperwork option for Jordan’s kid with Matt and Matt asks her to get started on it. 

Speaking of Jordan, at the hospital Harriet is trying to distract Danny and still trying to make her Holly Hunter impression happen.  It’s never going to happen Harriet.  The doc gives a status update to Danny, apparently Jordan is in critical condition. 

A later update on Jordan has good news and bad news.  The good news is that Jordan has finally stopped hemmoraging.  The bad news is that she’s developed a bacterial infection. Womp.  Harriet then offers to teach Danny how to pray. 

At the hospital chapel, Danny isn’t too keen on kneeling.  Harriet says it about humility and that it takes the average person 60 years to make what Danny makes in one year.  Danny’s offended because he’s earned everything, he worked his way to the top.  Then he walks out of the chapel. 

Of course this episode also has a flashback storyline.  It starts with Harriet trying to convince Matt not to do the Karl Rove sketch at dress, especially considering how he got blasted for defending Bill Maher.  Matt doesn’t listen. 

After dress, where we learn that Jason Alexander and Sheryl Crow were on the show that week, Harriet still tries to talk Matt out of running with the sketch.  He shoots her down and she says she’s going over his head to Danny. 

The week following the show, Matt and Danny get called to Jack’s office.  Jack plays them a radio host calling for an advertiser boycott because of the Karl Rove sketch and calling out Matt by name.  Jack wants Matt to apologize, but Matt won’t.  Jack says that if Matt won’t apologize, he’ll fire Danny. 

Things escalate and Danny tries to be the peacemaker.  Matt feels the whole thing is an overreaction and Jack feels like he’s just doing his job.  Jack threatens to fire both of them, and Matt says that only Wes can fire them.  Jack immediately tells his secretary to get Wes on the phone.  Cliffhanger!!!!

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