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Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.22

Wait, what kind of day has it been? (via
And so we come the end of Sork of July.  

I feel the need to point out that Sork of July was inspired by Tim Stevens, whose March M.A.N.T.I.S
really paved the way for this project.  Also, as my (former) roommate, he sat through every episode with me.  

Todays episode is "K & R part IV" "What Kind of Day Has It Been?"
Host & Musical Guest: Jenna Fischer & Gran Bel Fisher (this is a continuation of the previous episode)

# of references “Crazy Christians”:  None

Sketches Referenced: Zero

Sketches Shown: None

Matt surprises Danny at the hospital.  They talk about Simon’s rant and Jordan’s condition.  Danny even shows Matt Jordan’s daughter.  Of course Matt gets all serious and brings up the issue of legally binding documents in regards to her guardianship.  Danny doesn’t even want to broach the topic of Jordan’s mortality.  After reflecting for a moment, he asks Matt to ask Mary if Jordan’s signature would even mean anything considering how doped up she is right now.  Then he sends Matt back to Studio 60. 

Later Harriet and Danny shoot the breeze about Matt and Harriet as a couple.  Harriet confesses that Matt’s the only one she’s ever been in love with and that she feels guilty for not leaving Studio 60 with Matt and Danny.  Danny then totally narcs on Matt being so devastated by his break up with Harriet that he took to popping pills.  Then Suzanne arrives with the baby legal documents for Danny. 

Danny is all set to go get Jordan’s signature when the (young) doctor pulls him aside in an ominous fashion.   It’s not clear why that happened, other than it made for an awesome act break, but Jordan doing ok and is conscious.  She urges Danny to get her back so she can get him to sign the adoption papers for the baby.  (See, they were on the same page after all.)  Jordan also confesses that she hoped Danny would propose to her from the first moment that they met.  They kiss and even snarky doctor is touched.  Also, Jordan’s daughter is named Rebecca Tripp.  Awwwww.

Back at Studio 60 Boyle tries to convince Tom that the person decapitated in the footage isn’t any of the captured airmen.  Then he and Tom debate the U.S. military, the War in Afghanistan and Bush policy.  Boyle then chastises Tom for starting the K & R process. 

Meanwhile Jack is still trying to convince Simon to apologize.  Simon asks about the K & R plot and wants in on it.  Because he’s drunk, Jack starts talking about marriage and divulges that his is ending because he “got fired of saying I’m sorry.” 

Later Jack gets the phone call that Jordan is going to be ok and he’s relieved.  Jack and Simon then talk about Blacks and patriotism.  Simon says that the reason jack wants him to apologize is because he still harbors guilt about Matt and Danny.   Jacks claims that he “was not the bad guy” and confesses that he liked the Karl Rove sketch.  Then he decides that Simon shouldn’t apologize, at which point Simon, feeling he’s proven his point, agrees to apologize.  Things escalate almost to the point of drunken fisticuffs, when Suzanne alters them that something is happening with Tom’s brother. 

They follow Suzanne to Matt’s office where everyone (except Harriet, Jordan and Danny, who are at the hospital and Darius who hasn’t been seen in episodes) has gathered.   Thing are happening overseas and Tom fears the worst.  Boyle then asks Tom if he wants to talk to Mark Jeter.  Tom is relieved.  All three airmen have been saved and Studio 60’s cast is overjoyed.  Boyle on the other hand gets congratulatory looks from Simon, Jack and Matt and he looks smug while receiving them.  

This is as good a place as any to discuss the flashback in this episode. 

It starts out in when Matt finds Harriet in his office.  It turns out that Jack couldn’t get Wes on the phone and left a message for him, so Danny and Matt are in a kind of limbo.  But Matt is confident that Wes will defend them.  He and Harriet then discuss a hypothetical about President Gore sending Bill Clinton to talk to Hollywood and about what she likes about Luke.  But when Matt asks if she was offended by the Karl Rove sketch, she falls silent. 

Then Danny grabs Matt and tells him that Wes is going to issue an apology about the sketch.  Matt is outraged, but Danny tells him to leave it alone.  But Matt doesn’t.  He calls Wes and the phone call is chilly, leading Matt to conclude that he’s got to quit Studio 60. 

Danny tries to talk him about of it.  He doesn’t want Matt to destroy what they’ve carved out for themselves at Studio 60, especially over something like this. 

Then Danny goes to Jack’s office to try to work out a compromise.  Jack is unworried about Matt quitting; Matt’s under contract and the cast is the show.  Jack also believes that not only with Studio 60 survive, but that Matt will come crawling back.  Danny, under the impression that Jack pressured Wes to apologize, asks Jack what he actually said and Jack replies “I didn’t have to say much.” 

Danny goes back to Studio 60 and finds a panicked Harriet.  She’s worried about Matt quitting and about the show since Matt quit. Danny tells her that he’s also quitting.  He explains how Matt’s been betrayed by everyone Harriet, Wes and even Danny, but he’s still standing.  And that Danny wants to be standing there with him. 

Back in the present, Matt goes down stairs and thanks the man upstairs.  Harriet overhears him.  She asks if he’s been getting high.  He tells the truth, which prompts a slap from her.  She then tells him that she’s the one person he doesn’t lie to.  They kiss.  Matt tells her that he loves her.  Matt then polls the cast and asks if anyone has a problem with him dating Harriet.  Danny gives a pep talk to the entire cast and all of the writers, except for Darius. 

Harriet goes to grab some stuff leaving Danny and Matt alone to reflect on the day.  Matt goes to his office to go write.  Matt and Danny confess love for each other.  Danny lights his cigar, turns off a stage light and heads to the hospital. 

Matt turns on “time remaining “ clock in his office and the series is a wrap. 

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