Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Munchies – Pepperidge Farm Limited Edition Blueberry Cobbler

I’ve been spoiled.  For the past seven years I’ve basically had a steady stream of homemade cookies.  Whether it’s family, friends or coworkers I’ve been supplied with fresh cookies baked with love. 

In fact I sort of unofficially swore off of store bought cookies. 

Still, there are few words that prompt me to buy something like “Limited Edition.”  And that’s how I came to pick up Pepperidge Farm’s limited edition Blueberry Cobbler. 

I can remember Pepperidge Farm cookies being a treat when I was kid.  Didn’t everyone love a good Milano?  They were amazing.  And the distinct packaging also made them stand out in the cookie aisle. 

Of course since then Pepperidge Farm has branched out with their various cookie lines, which include Soft Baked and Dessert Shop varieties.  It’s a great time to be a fan of cookies, if you’re cool with store bought varieties. 

I’m a longtime fan of Cobbler.  I’ve actually never met a Cobbler that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.  I dig peach cobbler, I dig mixed berry cobbler.  So a cookie that purported to contain the essence of blueberry cobbler just had to be tried. 

Pepperidge Farm Blueberry Cobbler cookies are delightful.  They are part of the Dessert Shop line which claims to be desserts reimagined and honestly they do a pretty good job with this one. 

Because it’s from the Dessert Shop line, it’s a soft cookie, surprisingly soft.  Honestly, it’s almost moist.  The texture is that of a cookie, but the taste of pure blueberry cobbler. 

Right when you open the package you can smell the blueberry and it smells like a blueberry pie.  The taste of the cookie continues with the pie sensation.  The blueberry is there (and you get blueberries in every bite) but there’s also a bit of buttery flavor.  And despite the light sugar atop the cookies, they aren’t too sweet. They’re so good they’re almost addictive. 

Sometimes when you try something new, you’re disappointed.  But experiencing these cookies was pretty awesome.  I’m definitely glad I tried them out and I’ll most likely be picking them up in the future, for as long as they’re around. 

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