Monday, September 29, 2014

My Fall TV Schedule – Mondays

I’m a fan of television.  So you’d think that I’d be a fan of the Fall television season.  I’ve gotta say; I’m kinda not a fan of it. 

There are a ton of shows that made their debuts and you don’t know a) which ones are good and b) which ones are going to survive.  It’s a gamble, a crapshoot. 

Still, I participate.  Here’s what I’m watching on Mondays. 

I’m watching one show on Mondays.  That’s it. 

Monday is sort of a wasteland for tv.  ABC usually has some sort of reality show going on and CBS has a comedy block.  NBC throws anything at the wall to see what sticks and Fox usually has a pair of similar minded shows. 

Of course they’re all competing with the juggernaut that is Monday Night Football, at least for a few months.  So the shows that hope to succeed really rely on time-shifted views. 

But I’m only watching Gotham.  No other show really interests me.  I rarely do the “guilty pleasure” thing, so I don’t watch Sleepy Hollow, which follows it.  In fact if it wasn’t for Gotham, I’d probably just leave the tv off on Mondays. 

Gotham interests me.  I’ve been a fan of Donal Logue since his days at MTV (I still mourn Terriers) and Ben Mckenzie won me over with this work on Southland.   Plus it’s Gotham City!  The place R. Kelly sang about, the setting for some of my favorite comic books.  I’ve got to at least try the show, right? 

The first episode was good enough to give me hope that this show will succeed.  It’s like an origin story, for the Gotham that Batman patrols.  It’s good business.  Whether you’re a comic fanboy or someone who enjoyed Nolan’s films, it’s definitely worth checking out Gotham.  

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