Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.22

Wait, what kind of day has it been? (via
And so we come the end of Sork of July.  

I feel the need to point out that Sork of July was inspired by Tim Stevens, whose March M.A.N.T.I.S
really paved the way for this project.  Also, as my (former) roommate, he sat through every episode with me.  

Todays episode is "K & R part IV" "What Kind of Day Has It Been?"

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.21

Studio 60 needs more Mary Tate. Every show needs more Mary Tate.
Aaron Sorkin is a screenwriter.  He's an Oscar winning screenwriter.  I think he should collaborate with Martin Scorsese.  I'd really like to see Sorkin write a Scorsese crime flick.  

Can you imagine the best of both worlds?  Sorkin's dialogue with Scorsese shots.  How great would that be?  We should get a Kickstarter started.  Are you guys down?  

Today's episode is "K & R part III."

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.20

Worst press conference ever.
I've decided that Denny is my second favorite character on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, after Mary of course.  I find Denny fascinating and I wish there was more of him.

He worked on Studio 60 with Matt and was there before Ricky and Ron.  But he never rose through the ranks and he only left to work on Peripheral Vision Man.  He's sort of a slacker, but he pulls his own weight.  Like I said, he's fascinating.

I also secretly believe he's a blood relation to Stillman Frank from The Newroom.

Today's episode is "K & R Part II."

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.19

Which is more labored; Jordan's unborn daughter's breathing or the "War on Terror" storyline? 
How cool would it be if Sorkin was given scripting duties to a superhero movie?  It's not that farfetched; there are a ton of superhero movies with even more just announced at SDCC.  I think there's room for a Sorkin scripted superhero flick.  

I think Batman vs Superman would be just as interesting if it was an East Coast intellectual butting heads with guy from the Midwest.  Let's be honest; Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are basically Matt Albie and Hannah Harriet Hayes already.  Danny is Alfred and Jordan is Wonder Woman.  

Just think about it.  

Today's episode is "K & R."

Monday Munchies – Ben & Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar

Coconut is one of those things that both seems awesome and not worth all the fuss.  I can remember as a kid, my family trying hard to open a coconut, which seems impervious to modern tools.  And result wasn’t nearly as refreshing as television had made it seem. 

Maybe it’s because coconuts pop up on televion and in films on deserted islands, where a protagonist is without food, so a coconut is much needed sustenance.  I’ve also found coconut water as a beverage to be a less than satisfying experience. 

So how would Ben & Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar ice cream measure up to my expectations? 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.18

Believe it or not, this is a pretty inventive cold open (via
I'm kind of sad that Sorkin doesn't try to do the shared universe thing.  I mean, he's done three shows involving television networks and there's been like zero overlap.  In fact I'm pretty sure the only overlap between any of his shows is that the law firm Gage Whitney pops up in both The West Wing and Studio 60.

Here's to hoping that Sorkin's next television show about a television show manages to link everything into one cohesive Sorkin-verse.

Anyway, today's episode is "Breaking News."

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.17

Literally the only person happy by the end of this episode (
So, at this point in Studio 60’s season it’s been placed on hiatus, moved from Mondays to Thursdays and been cancelled.   And each of those things happened before it actually returned to the air. 

This episode holds a couple distinctions.  First, it’s completely sans Bradley Whitford, Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry.  Secondly it clocks in at just over 37 minutes long, making it about six minutes short of the usual runtime. 

If anyone know why this episode is short, please leave the answer in the comments. 

Today’s episode is “The Disaster Show”

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.16

One of the above is the best character on Studio 60.
If you had to exist on one of Sorkin's television shows, which would you pick?

Right off the bat, I'm ruling out The West Wing. I would not thrive on that show.  I'm nowhere near literate enough to be anywhere near The West Wing.  While I could probably hold my own on The Newsroom or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip honestly, I think I'd like to work on Sports Night.  

I don't know a ton about sports, but that place seems like the most fun place to work.

Today's episode is "4 A.M. Miracle."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.15

A happier time; Matt and Luke were friends, Matt wore hats backwards (via
To reiterate, Sorkin has done a sports show, a news show and a comedy show.  I think the next aspect of television Sorkin should do should be a behind the scenes look at an Entertainment Tonight-type show.  

You have the crusading anchor who cares about the stories they should be covering.  You've got the producer who feels the pull of the network, yet understands where the anchor is coming from. You have a control room.  What more could you want?  

Today's episode of Studio 60 is "The Friday Night Slaughter." 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.14

This is how everyone who watched this two-parter feels (via
Sorkin has written some awesome films.  He won an Oscar in 2011 and was nominated again 2012.  He's got a gift.  

But I'd really like to see him stretch his muscles; I think Aaron Sorkin should write a Pixar film.  He's clearly a guy who likes prestige and is there a film studio that's more prestigious than Pixar?  They have some of the finest quality films and are incredibly consistent.  

Imagine The Incredibles 2 written by Aaron Sorkin.  Or Toy Story 4?  I'm telling you it would be a thing of beauty.  It'd be like two great tastes that taste great together.  Let's make this happen.  

Today's episode is "The Harriet Dinner Part II."

Monday Munchies – Ben & Jerry’s Lazy Sunday

I can remember going the Foothillls Mall and getting Häagen-Dazs with Ma Serpico.  It was fun, it was a treat and it was indoors.  I’m not really a fan of novelties or ice cream cones because they tended to be messy, especially if you’re a kid growing up in Tucson. 

And that’s why I rarely visit Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops; I’ve been conditioned to eating ice cream at home.  Still, when I heard they had SNL inspired flavors, I knew a visit was in my future. 

Lazy Sunday is obviously inspired by the classic SNL Digital Short of the same name.  Will the flavor go equally viral? 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.13

Yes, this show is that dated (via
I miss Ricky and Ron.

There I said it.

I totally get that Ricky Tahoe is a thinly veiled attack on Rick Cleveland, but as characters I completely dug them.  I feel like the show is suffering without them and I wish that Sorkin would revisit those characters at some point down the line.

Today's episode is, The Harriet Dinner Part I

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.12

Remember that one time Sorkin tried writing Black characters? (via
Ok, so Sorkin has done a sports show, a comedy show and a news show, so which type of television program should he tackle next?  Well, I've got a few ideas.

My first idea is that Aaron Sorkin should do a behind the scenes show about a reality show.

No, wait; hear me out.

It's about the producers and crew who are really good at making reality shows.  They're successful and they decide that their next project is going to be about Detroit or Baltimore or New Orleans, or some other down on their luck town.  They decide to do it and get push back from the network and whatnot.  But really it's about people trying to make a difference via television.

Well, today's episode is "Monday."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.11

This is not the pic I wanted (via
We're halfway through Sork of July and it feels pretty good.

One of the disappointing things about Studio 60 on dvd is the lack of commentaries.  There's one solitary commentary on the set.  It's a lonely commentary that seems to have been recorded in at least two different sessions.

My point is that despite it being Studio 60, the dvd does not have nearly enough Sorkin.

Today's episode is "The Christmas Show."

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.10

Studio 60, at it's topical best. (via
Ok, so the Ricky and Ron era is over.  I'm sad about it, because I liked Ricky and Ron.  They were fun characters and they really added something to the show, and that something was jerkiness.

I'm still holding out hope for Sorkin to produce a Studio 60 spin-off, featuring Ricky, Ron and the rest of the former Studio 60 writers (including Hal) working on Perepherial Vision Man at FOX.  I really think that show could be a hit.

Well, today's episode is B-12.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.9

Literally the only pic I could find from this episode. (via
So I just watched Looper for the first time.  It completely lived up to the hype.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Rian Johnson does with the Star Wars franchise.  Wait a minute, what if Aaron Sorkin were to write one of the new Star Wars movies?  

How great would it be to see a full-on Sorkin scripted Star Wars movie?  Imagine the walk and talks? He'd be a perfect fit, because I mean it's not like Star Wars is known for it's great female characters.  Plus, how many times have Sorkin characters fallen for Jedi mind tricks?  

We must make this happen.  

Well, today's episode is the called The Option Period.

Monday Munchies – Ben & Jerry’s Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch

Regular readers here know that if there’s one thing we love at Fission Spaghetti Industries it’s a new flavor from Ben & Jerry.  Ice cream is pretty much a fixture here.  If there’s a new flavor, chances are it’s going to be reviewed here. 

But if there’s something that comes close, it’s the our love for Saturday Night Live.  We’re huge SNL fans.  In fact some of might call us SNL geeks. 

So you can imagine our joy when two of our favorite things combined via Ben & Jerry’s SNL themed flavors.  In honor of SNL’s 40th anniversary Ben & Jerry’s will be introducing SNL themed flavors throughout the year. 

First up GIlly’s Catastrophic Crunch.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.8

Dylan as "Mexican Santa" via
I can remember when NBC announced that they were doing both Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and 30 Rock.  I don't think anyone expected Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to be the one glaring mark on Aaron Sorkin's resume.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was supposed to be a success.  But man, did it flame out.  Oh well.

Because yesterday's episode was Nevada Day part I, today is Nevada Day part II.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.7

Ok, so Sorkin has written about a sports network (Sports Night) a broadcast network (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and a cable news network (The Newroom) so what will his next television show about television detail?

I don't know.  The only think I know for sure that I'm totally on board for whatever it is.

Today’s episode is called "Nevada Day Part I"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.6

Spoiler Alert: This is the last scene in the episode.
There’s a fun game Un Gajje and I play when we revisit old tv shows; we comment on how relevant things are.  When I showed him The Ben Stiller Show, we laughed about how very nineties the show was.  And we joke about how every issue in The West Wing has been resolved. 

I am not kidding with you when I say that despite being almost eight years old, this episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is almost topical.  Seriously. 

The episode is called The Wrap Party. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.5

Trust me, this pic will make sense later.

Can I just take a moment to say that I'm completely disappointed that there isn't a comprehensive list of NBS shows on the internet.  Obviously Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip came and went just before chronicling every aspect of a tv show was the norm, but come on!  

I want to know more about NBS programs like Legend Creek, Attending, Ventura Freeway, Empowered and The Isolationist.  

Anyway, today's episode is "The Long Lead Story."  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.4

Wouldn't it be awesome if Aaron Sorkin did a West Wing type show, but set in the world of high school student government?  Instead of hosting foreign dignitaries they'd be hosting delegations from other schools.  Instead of forming policy they'd be putting together school dances and pep rallies.  I think it'd be pretty great.  

Eh, it's just a thought.  

Today's episode is "The West Coast Delay."

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sork of July – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.3

As part of Sork of July, I've increased my daily intake of Sorkin dramatically.  The weird thing is that I still can't get enough of Sorkin.  I want Sorkin to write more tv shows.  In fact I wish Sorkin would just be constantly writing tv shows.  

What can I say; I'm selfish.  

Today's episode is The Focus Group.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.2

I know, I know, you're thinking "Skip, don't you know that using the internet to praise Sorkin is like giving a vegan a gift card to a steakhouse; he's going to find very little useful there."  But what can I do?  I mean I've neglected this blog for over a month.  I need to use it for something.  

And I mean we're talking about Aaron Sorkin.  How can you not praise that dude?  

Well today's episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is called The Cold Open.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sork of July - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1.1

Welcome to Sork of July!

Who doesn't love Aaron Sorkin?  The guy is prolific and always seems to be working on something.  He's got his own tropes and cliches.  He is a force of nature.  

And so we at Fission Spaghetti have decided to devote the month of July to Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  While it may not be Sorkin at his best, it's the Sorkin we cut our teeth on.  


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