Saturday, March 28, 2009

Best. Video. Ever.

This is epic foolishness right here. The video quality. The lyrics. It's just brilliant. Dudes name is J Nash, just so you know. Remember it.

He's also responsible for this turd stain gem.


  1. This looks like it was recorded in somebody's basement using one of those old phones that's only polyphonic ringtone capable. Thank God he has the bored looking video chick wearing her AJ Wright bra and panties set to keep this video classy.
    You can't expect much from someone who doesn't know the different between a grapefruit and a half eaten lemon.
    I think he forgot the lyrics at the 1:13 mark.
    4:09 mark he looks like he's trying not to vomit. it's okay, I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw that jacket too.

    I refuse to sit through the 2nd video.

  2. the second video is pretty good. like good meaning bad.



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