Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wild Pitch Wednesday - Sexy Garage?

Ok, here's the plan; I'm writing this for the sole reason of trying to redeem the "Wild Pitch Wednesday" brand. Sure, the first time out is only referred to as "The Debacle" but there's no reason why a horrible misstep into a quagmire of misjudgment should taint an entire brand forever.

I'm going to follow the footsteps of O.J. Simpson, R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. Well, at least two thirds of them.

This edition of Wild Pitch Wednesday doesn't have the clarity of vision that The Debacle had. This one is a tad bit murkier so you'll have to bear with me.

Now I've heard from a variety of female friends that one of the times that they dread the most in life is when they've got to take their car to the mechanic. Generally garages make women feel that they're being taken advantage of. The mechanics talk down to them and it's an overall intimidating experience.

Now I don't drive, but in my mind every garage is just like the one that Sean Penn visits in U-Turn, where the sole mechanic is Billy Bob Thornton's "Darrell", who's hobbies include playing twister in a parka.


But, what if there was a garage experience that wasn't only hospitable to the fairer sex, but was something they looked forward too? That's the basic vision behind this pitch.

Y'see, you take a crew of talented female mechanics and you put them together in a garage. Being knowledgeable and women, they'd be able to set their female patrons at ease. Naturally that would lead women raving about the place which would lead to more business.

And if those female mechanics happened to be hot, that would increase the traffic of male patrons. As it become more successful, the garage could expand. The way I see it, what better way for a woman to occupy her time during a routine tune up, than with a mini spa experience? Massage therapists on duty. Someone for manicures and pedicures. It would be amazing.

And there you have it. Can't you already see the reality show on E!? Hell, I see a sitcom, sort of an Alice for the new millennium.

I eagerly await your feedback.


  1. female mechanics. hot ones at that. heh. yea right. oh wait, was that sexist?

  2. 1. I'm going to watch U-Turn today because of this blog.

    2. The last time a chick got close enough to get herself dirty it was because she spray painted the word "cheater" on my hood.

    so I'm good. I'll pass on the chick mechanic.

  3. this is way better than that other pitch.



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