Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Longest Month Ever!

I love Breaking Bad.  It's my favorite show on television. It's one of those shows where I can't tolerate any disruption while I'm watching it.

Like seriously, I'm shut off from the world when it's on.

So when AMC finally announced that Breaking Bad would be returning to the the airwaves on 7/17/11 I was pretty excited.  But that excitement soon turned to dread.

Y'see, Breaking Bad is an entire month away. Like a full 31 days.  That's way too long and I've got nothing to distract me.  There are no other television shows that I'm watching so I've nothing to do but sit and count the days.

To make matters worse AMC hasn't released anything about the upcoming season yet.  Previous seasons had "Walt's Warnings" and "Walt's Wisdom." There were even "Better Call Saul" ads that spread virally last year.

But this year there's really been nothing.  No viral videos.  No real promotion beforehand.  It's frustrating.

Plus AMC hasn't even released a teaser Again, last year we had the scene where Hank helps Walt move his belongings.  It was quite the tantalizing scene to release in advance of the season.  Yet here we are a month out and AMC hasn't given anything up.

Hell, the upcoming fourth season of Breaking Bad isn't even available on itunes as a season pass.  I just want to cop the season pass so I can know that as soon as a new episode is up, it'll be downloaded.  I need to check that off my list, but thanks to itunes and AMC, I can't.

To make matters worse the two most recent issues of Entertainment Weekly both feature Breaking Bad write ups that are tantalizing with their hints about the season to come.

What really sucks is that when it finally starts those thirteen episodes are going to feel like they're blowing by.

Still, I can't wait for July 17th.  And that's why the next month is going to be the longest month ever.  

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