Thursday, July 7, 2011

Concert Cursed

So earlier this year I had a pretty impressive string of concerts that I attended.  I was averaging roughly two a month.

Ok, it's not that impressive when you put it that way.  My point is that I had a run of concerts and I always seemed to have one on the horizon.

But now it's been almost three months since I've seen someone live.  And I don't have any tickets to any future shows.  I'm in the middle of a drought or worse, I'm concert cursed. And I think I know why.

You see, what happened is that on Easter Sunday I had the chance to see The Kills at 9:30 Club.  I balked.  I got out of work early enough. Attending the show wasn't a financial impossibility.

But I was tired.  And I didn't really feel like making the trip to DC, to see what I'm sure would've been an awesome show, only to be stuck in DC until the first train out which would've been after 3am.  It seemed like an unnecessary hassle.

So I opted not to go.  And in doing so I broke a streak of concerts that went back to February.  At this point I don't know when I'll go to my next concert.  I think I've been cursed.

Don't believe me?  Well how about that fact that Rams Head Live had a band that I've wanted to see in months.  Even worse, they don't have anything I want to see for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore the two upcoming shows at 9:30 Club that I've been interested in seeing, Interpol and Bon Iver, both sold out.  And Bon Iver is going to play two dates there!  They both sold out.

It's complete malarkey.

Also, some acts that I really want to see, Fitz & the Tantrums and Jessica Lea Mayfield, while on tour, aren't hitting Baltimore or DC.  It's crazy brutal.  Like torture, really.

I don't know long I'm going to be concert cursed, but I'm really hoping that someone out there can provide me a remedy for the curse.  Anyone know how to remove it?

Because I'd really like to see another concert before this year is out.

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