Thursday, July 14, 2011

Four Predictions for Breaking Bad's Fourth Season

Look, we are days away from the season premiere of Breaking Bad.  Obviously we at Fish & Spaghetti have a severe affinity for the program.  Honestly we can't get enough of it.

Seriously, part of the reason we resurrected the blog was because we needed something to distract us from the lack of Breaking Bad in our lives.

But we figured that since we still had some time left, we'd try to get some predictions set in stone before, y'know, we're looking back like "we totally knew that was going to happen."

Victor Will Get Killed - Word on the street is that a major character gets killed in the season premiere.  We know it's not Walter, Skylar, Jesse, Saul or Gus.  We can probably rule out Mike,  That pretty much leaves Victor.

We love Victor.  We dig his creepy silence.  We dig his bluntness the few times he's actually spoken.  We're going to miss him.

Of course there's also the chance that they're counting the death as Gail, since he was technically just shot in the finale.  And there's also the possibility that the premiere begins with a flash forward to a later event and someone dying.  But we're still sticking with Victor.

Hank Will Suspect Walt - It may happen in the final few episodes of the season, but Hank will become suspicious of Walt and probably realize that he's Heisenberg.

Hank's going to be dealing with his recovery (and possibly addiction) and he may not even be a DEA agent anymore, but he's never going to give up on Heisenberg, especially if he thinks it's Walt.

Don Salamanca Will Return - Ok, this may not be the smallest limb to go out on, especially since he's been in the last two seasons.  But given the death of Leonel and Marco and that things are heating up between the Cartel and Gus, I'm totally expecting Don Salamanco to roll onto the scene.

I think it's also possible that we'll see another member of the Salamanca clan. I'm certainly hoping that's the case.

Jesse Will Get Beaten Up - Clearly this is the safest bet out of them all.  Jesse gets beaten up every season.  It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that he's going catch a beat down.

Tuco put Jesse in the hospital in season one and Spooge and his skank put some hurt on Jesse in season two.  Last season Hank gave Jesse a hell of a beating.  I'm guessing that Mike will be the one who pound his fists into Jesse this year.

I can't wait for this show to start.  I don't even care if all of our predictions end up wrong; I just want to see this show again!


  1. Right you were on Victor. How odd. I hadn't heard the rumors about 'a major character must die' but given they said a lot of attention was going to be paid to fleshing out Gus' back-story I assumed the opposite; that Victor would become a more major, developed character (actually I suppose that /did/ happen with the whole 'watch me cook, genius' business). As it stands Gus does need more secondary characters around him as for the moment all we know about his empire is that it involves him, Victor (deceased), those guys who got killed at the end of Half-Measures (deceased) and Mike, for whom it isn't even a full-time job (much as I absolutely love Jonathan Bank's Mike it would be a mistake of the creators to pull a 'he was a henchman of Gus' all along' line; given he was introduced to us as a bounty hunter/fixer employed by Saul it only makes sense if he's freelance; Saul wouldn't randomly be able to hire, say, Victor. He works for Gus, on occasion, he's not a lieutenant in the Fring cartel). Gus needs to have minions.

  2. Those are really good points. I'm sure Victor will still pop up in flashbacks. Obviously the show has a history of using flashbacks for teasers, so I doubt we've seen the end of him.

    And I think we learned a great deal about Gus in the season premiere. One of the notable things we learned is that he's not a fan of mistakes.

    Victor, you will be missed.



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