Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wild PItch Wednesday - Trailer Tuesday

So, I recently purchased Apple TV.  I purchased it solely for the ability to watch my iTunes television purchases (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead) on my television as opposed to my laptop.

Now the original plan was for me to write off my Apple TV on my taxes.  However, I've been informed by Norm Peterson, the Fish & Spaghetti accountant, that Apple TV would have to be an integral part of my job in order for me to write it off.

Thus you have Trailer Tuesday.

I really don't know what this is going to be.  I mean obviously I should talk about trailers, but should I compare and contrast them?  And how many should I do?

Also, should I only do movies that are coming out on Friday?  That would make sense because they'd be topical.  But on the other hand even more topical would be movies that have trailers just released.

I've really got no idea how this should work.  Damn you IRS!

Ok, I guess a rough format would be that I'll give my thoughts on the trailers for two movies that are coming out on the following Friday.  I guess I'll do the pro/con thing and finally offer my thoughts.

Wait a minute, I'm completely biting this format from this guy.  I mean, I'm "sampling" his format.

Alright.  Ok.  I'm completely confident that this can probably run for two weeks straight before it falls off of the rails.

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