Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trailer Tuesday - The Devil's Double & Crazy, Stupid, Love

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Trailer Tuesday.

What's that? You want to know what Trailer Tuesday is? Um, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Anyway, today we look at The Devl's Double and Crazy, Stupid, Love which are both in theaters on Friday.

The Devil's Double

What They Say: It's the story of Latif, an Iraqi soldier who gets recruited to become the double of Uday Hussein, Saddam Hussein's sadistic son.  He must become Uday, which needless to say, takes it toll.

Reasons To Pay: The trailer looks dope.  It looks like a movie full of drugs, sex, guns and, um, scimitars?  Dominic Cooper seems to have a handle on the dual roles of Uday and Latif.  The movie looks damn interesting, especially because everything I know about Uday comes from Ghostface.  

Reasons To Stay: I genuinely can't think of any.  The trailer totally sells me on the movie.

At The End of the Day: It's a long hot summer and this movie seems to be a great excuse to sit in the air conditioning for a couple hours.  However I suspect that unless I go that first week, I'll be forced to watch this one at home.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

What They Say: A square guy (Steve Carell) gets dumped by his wife and gets his mojo back via cool guy life coach (Ryan Gosling).  Also, the square guy has a son who pines for someone of his own. Julianne Moore and Emma Stone play objects of affection.

Reasons To Pay: Um, the funny bits look genuinely funny.  Steve Carell is great at playing clueless schleps and since he's not on The Office anymore, I guess I'll have to pay to see that performance. It looks to have some heartwarming moments too.  And do scenes when a cool character takes a square character shopping for a makeover ever get old?   

Reasons To Stay: I'm not certain, but I think I may hate Ryan Gosling.  And I'm not just talking about his character in this movie (I know I hate his character.)  I'm talking about the character he plays on talk shows too, which I'm guessing is close to "Ryan Gosling."  Also, I'm not 100% comfortable with going to a movie where the only Black characters in the thing are having sex with Ryan Gosling.

At The End of the Day: It seems like it might be a pretty decent date movie.  In fact it might be an awesome date movie.  But after careful reflection, it appears that Ryan Gosling is a deal breaker.

The End

Next Week: Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Change Up.  Probably.

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