Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Munchies - Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls (Limited Batch)

Some weeks back Ben & Jerry's announced that their upcoming holiday themed Limited Batch flavor would be the SNL themed Schweddy Balls, inspired by the classic Saturday Night Live sketch.

The news made the internet weep with joy.

But then when the flavor actually came out, some retailer opted not to carry it out of fear of offending customers.

We at Fish & Spaghetti managed to get our hands on some Schweddy Balls.

It was much easier than we thought.  It was as simple as popping into the closest Whole Foods and snatching up three pints (just in case they got pulled from the shelves, we wanted to make sure we had one to eat, one to share and one to save for a rainy day.)

First things first; we really think the controversy is slightly absurd.  Yes, "Schweddy Balls" sounds slightly crude, but we don't recall an uproar about Caramel Sutra.  It's not like Ben & Jerry advertise and are going to be running commercials during kid's cartoons.  It just seems slightly overblown.

Equally overblown, the actual flavor itself.  It's not a bad flavor, but it's not outstanding or adventurous like Chubby Hubby or Late Night Snack.  It's really a tame flavor considering all of the hoopla.

It's described as vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and fudged covered rum and malt balls.  Even that description is sort of bland.

You can't go wrong with vanilla ice cream, so Ben & Jerry were correct in making that the base.  There is a hint of rum, which give it a bit of a festive smell.  A reviewer over at the esteemed Impulsive Buy felt that hint wasn't strong enough.  We  liked it.  It was a hint and We totally go it.

The actual balls are plentiful.  There are both fudge covered rum balls (which are the softer of the two) and malt balls.  They work really well together, but because they are two different varieties you sometimes find your self disappointed if you take a bite and get two of the same kind of ball.

Schweddy Balls probably isn't going to be a holiday classic, but it's certainly worth a try, in only for the infamy.  Ironically enough, Schweddy Balls is an inoffensive enough flavor that we'll probably keep stocked up, because it makes a nice safety flavor, in case you run out of your first choice.

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