Monday, October 24, 2011

Quad City International Airport

So, some of you may have surmised, I went on a bit of a trip recently. It took me away from the blog and actually required air travel.

One of the airports that I spent some time in was in Moline.  It was actually the Quad City International Airport.  (I'm assuming the "international" comes from flights to and from Canada.)

Moline is one of the Quad Cities, a place  I'm sure some people are still surprised actually exists.  Y'see back in the day the Quad Cities DJ's had a monster hit, but many people thought it was a purely fictional locale.

It's not.

As usually occurs with air travel there were some hiccups and delays. En route home  I spent an extra hour in the airport.  It wasn't entirely unpleasant. I got to catch up on some reading and had a chance to really collect my thoughts about my trip and my return.

But I also got to listen to some music that was piped into the airport.  It was a weird mix of slightly obscure songs from the 70's and 80's.  If the JACK FM radio format plays all of the hits from the past three decades, this station was like DAVE FM; it played all of the other singles from the past three decades.

Not hits, just singles.

Like, they played Kool & the Gang. But not "Ladies Night." Not "Celebration." Not even "Cherish", "Joanna", "Jungle Boogie" or "Get Down on It." They played "Misled" and it took me forever to realize that it a Kool & the Gang song. It was a crazy playlist of third and fourth pick song selections from bands with well known hits. Every other song conjured up a "I totally remember this song/group" moment.  If I'd been more aware I would have taken notes on the songs that were played, but honestly my mind wasn't in it.

But in that extra hour I was in that airport I heard songs I hadn't hear in years. Some songs made me wonder where the artists had gone, while other songs posed perplexing questions; how did that song get made, why was it ever big?  It was quite the experience.

It was also an experience in that every announcement, gate change, delay, arrival, interrupted the music, even before you made it to security. It was quite a trip, in every sense.

So I guess the point is if you get a chance to visit the Quad City International Airport you should jump at it, if only for the music.

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