Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Munchies - Smartfood Kettle Corn

I'm a fan of corn. .  I like corn on the cob.  I like creamed corn.  I liked popcorn.  I even like succotash.  In fact I'm pretty sure is the only corn that I don't get some kind of enjoyment from is, well, Korn.

Popcorn is probably my favorite kind of corn because it comes in so many varieties.  It can be sweet or savory.  It can fit whatever mood you're in.  It's like the perfect snack.

So you can imagine my elation when I went I popped into a grocery store and saw that Smartfood was offering up Kettle Corn.

Now back in the day Smartfood had the white cheddar popcorn game completely sewn up.  I can distinctly remember stocking up on the stuff between classes during high school.  In fact, I can remember being devastated when the vending machines ran out it.  Like, it ruined my day.

And since Smartfood's white cheddar popcorn was my high school (snack) love, I was very interested in seeing what they were going to offer up in terms of Kettle Corn.  Kettle corn can be a tricky proposition because different people expect different thing.

Unlike caramel corn or cheese corn, Kettle Corn has two flavor components; it's salty and sweet.  As a result there's an entire spectrum of flavors that one can encounter.  Sometime the Kettle Corn's emphasis is on the sweet with a hint of salt, while sometimes it's the opposite.  And sometimes it's perfectly balanced.

Smartfood adds something new to the mix.  But before I get to the flavors allow me to rave about the kernels.  I've literally never seem a bag with such large and fully popped kernels.  The kernels are huge.  As an avid snacker it's refreshing to enjoy a product that looks amazing.

The flavor is...interesting.  It's actually subdued.  Smartfood's Kettle Corn tips more on the "sweet" side of the scale, but just barely.  It should also be noted that the emphasis is clearly on the popcorn; the flavor seems like almost an afterthought.  The flavor is there, but it's hardly powerful.  It's not too sweet or too salty because it's just adequately both.

Smartfood's Kettle Corn isn't my favorite Kettle Corn on the market, but it's not something that I'll turn my nose away from either.  It's a decent snack with some marvelous looking kernels.


  1. Never thought I'd be that interested in popcorn commentary, but you made it happen, I'm intrigued

  2. I love this kettle corn. It isn't overly sweet and not packed with salt, a nice balance for a packaged kettle corn.



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