Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remembering - Steve Jobs

It's sort of weird because originally I planned to write something about the iPhone 4S and how I was tempted to get one now that Sprint is going to offer them.  I was going to explore my thoughts and conflicts about the whole thing.

And then I heard Steve Jobs had died.

Give that, I figured I'd reflect on the impact Steve Jobs has had on my life.

Up until relatively recently I wasn't really that big on Apple products.  In fact my first one was a hand-me-down second generation iPod. It was cool in that it held what I thought was an obscene amount of music.

(One of the reasons I was so late on the iTunes scene was because I was a huge fan of the minidisc.  I still have minidiscs and my favorite stereo is capable of playing minidiscs.)

But that iPod mini was dope.  I can honestly barely remember how I listened to music on the go before it came into my life.

A year ago last Christmas I got a MacBook Pro.  While I've totally squandered all of the awesome things it's capable of doing, it's still capable of doing them.  A year ago February I got a 32G iTouch.  And just a couple months ago I bought Apple TV.   Apple is a huge part of my life.  In fact on Monday I literally used six different Apple products throughout the entire day.

Fish & Spaghetti has certainly prospered because of Apple.  When I write about Breaking Bad or Mad Men, they're shows I purchased from iTunes and watch on my television via Apple TV.  When I write about Sons of Anarchy, it's a show that I watch on my MacBook Pro via Hulu.  When I write about anything, I'm using my MacBook Pro.  And when I tweet, I'm using my iTouch or my MacBook Pro.

I was visiting my Aunt a few months back and we were talking about Apple and Steve Jobs. She remarked that he'd looked as though he'd seen better days and that she was worried about him.  She also worried about Apple without him steering the ship.
When Steve Jobs stepped down from Apple in August, I thought back to her words.  And when I read the news about the iPhone 4S and every story seemed to note the absence of Steve Jobs it gave me pause.  But none of the above prepared me for when the rumors of his death began to swirl around work.  It was a blower.

So, while I'm glad that Steve Jobs is no longer suffering, I'm really going to miss his innovations and brilliance.

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