Monday, February 6, 2012

Skip Serpico's Concert Adventures - The Kills @ 930 Club 2/2/12

Like quite a few people, I discovered the The Kills via The Dead Weather.  When I saw The Dead Weather perform I was entranced by Alison Mosshart and I wanted more.  So I got into The Kills.

The last time The Kills were in the area was last Easter, when they also played 930 Club.  I totally meant to go to that show, but the stars weren't lined up.  So, when I saw they were coming back around this way, I knew I had to see them.

I got to 930 Club around a quarter after seven and the place was still pretty spacious.  I hit the merch table and then positioned myself for the show.  While at the merch table I realized that there would be two openers, Hunters and Jeff the Brotherhood.  It was not the best news I'd had all day.

When Hunters took the stage my interest was piqued.  They're a four-piece band out of NYC who have begun to make a name for themselves in the music world.  They've got a very interesting stage presence in that the stage was divided down the middle, with the drummer bassist on the audience's right while the two vocalists (and lead guitarist) were on the left.  The two leads were dynamic enough that I actually felt sort of bad for the drummer and guy on bass because I was sure they were being virtually ignored by the crowd.

The two leads, Derek Watson and Isabel Almeida have true chemistry.  Almeida was clearly enjoying herself as she danced on stage while Watson coaxed some amazing sounds from his guitar.  As a band Hunters were having fun and that fun was contagious.  Additionally their music was good.  Immediately after their set I copped their EP from the merch table (I would have gotten a t-shirt, but they only had L's and I don't like they way they hang on me.)

Then were was the lull between openers.  The crowd began to grow.  Clearly JEFF the Brotherhood had fans in the house.

I was vaguely familar with JEFF the Brotherhood.  I'd certainly seen the name and I was pretty sure I'd seen them on Fallon, but I couldn't describe them or their music.

So I was pleasantly surprised when the took the stage and began to rock out.  Los Hermanos Orrall know how to put on a show.   Jamin makes his impressive drumming look casual while Jake commands attention with his stage presence.  When they first set up I didn't know what to expect, but they totally won me over with their awesomeness.  I can totally see what all of the fuss is about.

Pretty much everyone where I was standing got into JEFF's set.  In fact a bonafide mosh pit was started by some of the more rambunctious attendees.  I totally would have participated but I neglected to wear my moshing loafers. Oh and Alison Mosshart watched JEFF's entire set from the wings.

After JEFF left there was again another lull and again the crowd thickened.  Excitement and anticipation grew.  And then The Kills took the stage.

They started things out with the title track from "No Wow" which was a perfect song to begin with.  Mosshart crept across the stage as the snarled the opening lines to the song while Jamie Hince, the other half of The Kills, played his guitar as loud as humanly possibly.

They kept the momentum moving with Future Starts Slow, one of my person favorites.  Mosshart's presence was as commanding as before and she completely held everyone in her thrall.  Hince counters Mosshart's magnetic personality by doing remarkable things with his guitar

But quietly one of the best parts of the show was the drummers.  While The Kills are a two-piece, for this tour they've got two drummers side by side on tom-toms.  They come out wearing red bandannas, bandit style, and have synchronized moves while drumming.  In between songs they stand with arms outstretched and drum sticks crossed.   They were a treat to watch and added a creepy fun to the set.

The setlist ran fifteen songs plus a four song encore.  Obviously Blood Pressures was featured prominently and comprised nearly half of the songs.  Songs from No Wow made a single appearance.  The band also covered "Crazy."

Honestly, out of all of the concerts that I've been to that featured two openers, this one was easily the most enjoyable.  Two openers means two bands you generally don't want to see before the one that you do, but both Hunters and JEFF the Brotherhood impressed me enough that I'll be looking for their stuff in the future.  And The Kills totally lived up to the expectations I had in my head.  It was a really solid concert experience.  Just listening to my playlist of The Kills' setlist takes me back, in the best way possible.

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