Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I like pictures...

Back in 2009 I remember saying I wish that I had started a picture site. They're so fun and I imagine very easy.  A lot easier than coming up with funny or clever things to talk about everyday.

At any rate,  pictures of "What Dr. Seuss Books Are Really About" have been floating around for a few weeks and it reminded me of the fact that I had always wanted a blog that was just pictures. Then I realized, "hey wait, that's just what Tumblr is."

So I'm gonna go start a Tumblr today. 

I'll almost immediately abandon it or hand it over to someone else like everything I take part in, but it should be fun for a few months  days.

In the meantime, peep these pictures that I've mentally filed as "clever, yet so obvious I'm slightly annoyed that I didn't think of it first." 

Also, click on the "pics" tab below for more cool/stupid pictures.


Aren't these cool?

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