Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Munchies - Tostitos Hint of Pepper Jack

One of the first snack foods that I fell in love with were Jumpin Jack Cheese Doritos.  They were an early nineties variety of the venerable snack chip and they always stuck me as the pinnacle of Doritos technology.

Imagine the Doritos signature, the caking of artificial flavor and color, only with Jumpin Jack Cheese Doritos that caking was with goodness.  It was a taste sensation that I had an insatiable hunger for.  I mourn them to this day.

But, could Tostitos Hint of Pepper Jack be the second coming?

As a cheese unto it's self, I'm not really a fan of Pepper Jack.  I don't like visible additives to my cheese.  It's not appealing to me.  If I'm offered my choice of cheese, the only time I ever opt for Pepper Jack is if the only other option is American.

Despite my Pepper Jack prejudice, when I saw the Tostitos Hint of Pepper Jack all my eyes actually registered were "itos" and "Jack."  It was as though my prayers had finally been answered, but by a half-assed god who was barely listening.  Probably someone like Tepoztecatl.

Anyway as someone familiar with "Hint of" brand, I had expectation.  I genuinely enjoyed the Hint of Jalapeño and I'm absolutely tolerant of the Hint of Lime.

Hint of Pepper Jack is good. It's a multigrain chip and it packs crunch.  Out of all of the "Hint of" flavors, Hint of Pepper Jack is the most powerful; it's more than just a hint of the flavor.  A more accurate description of the flavor would be "A Shade Below Pepper Jack" because it's not quite full flavor.

It's clearly Pepper Jack as there is a hint of bite to the Jack, but nothing to alarm or even annoy.  It's just there for flavor.  And as with the rest of the Hint of line up, they make for fine stand alone snacking.  You don't need salsa or anything else to enjoy the chips.

So, while they're not Jumpin Jack Cheese Doritos, Hint of Pepper Jack seem to be as close to that flavor as we're going to get anytime soon.  But more than that, it's a fine flavor with it's own merits.

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