Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Munchies - Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy

I am a consumer.  As such I'm a part of the whole "supply & demand" dynamic.  I buy products based on their supply. And when I see something with "new" on the lid, I demand it.

But that comes at a cost.  Sometimes when Ben & Jerry's puts out a new flavor it's something that's not quite entirely in my wheelhouse.  And that's the case with Chocolate Therapy.

I'm not a "chocolate" guy.  In the battle between chocolate and vanilla, I'm decidedly vanilla.  Chocolate is usually going to be my last pick.  I'm fine with chocolate as a component, but not as the main substance.

So, why did I buy Chocolate Therapy? I didn't buy it for the chocolate ice cream with chocolate pudding swirl and chocolate cookie crumbles.  I bought it because it was "new."  That's it.  That's all.

Naturally I was disappointed.  Um, this flavor is completely chocolate.  There's no refuge from the oppressive chocolatey-ness.  Yeah, the cookies add texture and the pudding swirl is a nice touch, but it's all chocolate, all of the time.

It almost feels like Ben & Jerry had a surplus of chocolate ice cream and chocolate cookie crumbles from various other flavors and decided to mix them together with the chocolate pudding to compose a flavor.  And it sort of make sense, because Chocolate Therapy was relegated to Scoop Shops, which I'm assume is a smaller batch than shipping to stores.

I can't hide my bias; this flavor is not for me.  I'm sure someone who loves chocolate will love Chocolate Therapy, but that's not me.  And what really sucks is that I've still got a pint and a half sitting in my freezer.  Anyone want one?  Drop me an email or hit me up on twitter.  

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